An exceedingly accomplished musician and passionate advocate for youth music education, Andrés González is a dynamic force in the music world. His commitment to empowering young musicians has earned him accolades, including being named one of Yamaha Music USA’s “40 Under 40” outstanding music educators in 2023.

González’s journey began under the guidance of his father, Antonio González, wielding a baton, cello, and trumpet from the early age of two. Trained in Venezuela’s well-known El Sistema program under the mentorship of Maestro José Antonio Abreu, he honed his skills and passion for music. Joining the trumpet section of the National Children’s Orchestra of Venezuela in 1994, González embarked on international tours across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Under the tutelage of esteemed mentors such as Gary Nuñez, Leonardo Mendez, Alfredo D’Addona, Thomas Clamor, Eduardo Manzanilla, Jairo Hernandez, Max Sommerhalder, Lukas Beno, Gabor Taerkovi, and as a conductor by Tarcisio Barreto, Mario Benzecry, Colin Meters and Luis Clemente, González flourished as both a trumpet player and conductor. He graced the stage for thirteen seasons with the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel and served on the faculty of the Venezuelan Trumpet Academy.

González’s musical leadership extended beyond performances, as he served as Music Director of the José Francisco del Castillo Youth Orchestra in Caracas and guest conductor for orchestras worldwide, including the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Chaco in Argentina and the YOLA National Festival Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with Los Angeles Philharmonic. His impact reverberated internationally when he assumed the role of Music Director for Play On Philly in 2018.

In recent years, González has captivated audiences with his debut performances with prestigious orchestras like the San Diego Symphony and the Calgary Philharmonic. Holding degrees in Orchestral Conducting from the Simón Bolívar Conservatory and in Education from the Santa Rosa Catholic University in Caracas, and additional training from the Atlantic Coast International Conducting Academy in Portugal, González continues to inspire and elevate the world of music education and performance.