This section provides resources for you to learn more about on-campus housing. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional inquires.

Wondering What to Pack?

Check out our Room Essentials Checklist and our list of Non-Approved items in order to be prepared for your move to Baltimore. If you’re wondering how much space you will have, our Room Dimensions Guide provides a breakdown of the dimensions for rooms in the Residence Halls.

Housing and Food Rates

Year Semester
Double Room $10,961 $5,481
Single Room $12,356 $6,178
Triple Room $8,881 $4,441
Year Semester
Single Room $13,417 $6,709
Double Room $12,022 $6,011
Year Semester
Anytime (Unlimited Swipes) – Mandatory for First Year UG Students, available to all
(includes $250 dining dollars per semester)
$8,510 $4,255
21 Meal Plan – Available to all returning students
(21 meal swipes per week plus $100 dining dollars per semester)
$7,949 $3,975
19 Meal Plan – Available to all returning students
(19 meal swipes per week plus $300 dining dollars per semester)
$7,949 $3,975
14 Meal Plan – Available to all returning students
(14 meals per week plus $500 dining dollars per semester)
$7,949 $3,975
10 Meal Plan – Available to all Juniors, Seniors, and Grad Students
(10 meals per week plus $500 dining dollars per semester)
$6,201 $3,101
Block 50 Meal Plan – Available to Juniors, Seniors, and Grad Students
(50 meals per semester plus $200 dining dollars per semester)
$2,192 $1,096

Residence Hall Closings

Peabody’s residence hall provides housing accommodations during the academic year (August through May). The residence hall are closed for the winter break and the summer break. Please review the Peabody Academic Calendar for residence hall closing and opening dates.

Card access to the Peabody campus will be turned off for the Winter Break. No student, staff, or faculty will be admitted onto campus during this time without special authorization.

Students are advised to plan ahead in regards to residence hall closings. The Peabody Institute is not responsible for finding housing or transportation for students over academic breaks. Please take this into account when budgeting for the year.

During the Winter Break, students who will continue to live in the residence halls for spring semester may leave their personal items in their current room, and are not expected to move out of the residence halls.

During the summer break periods, students must vacate the residence halls and remove all personal property out of the residence hall room. Peabody does not provide storage for personal items in our facilities.

Peabody Residential Guest Policy

Guests are only permitted inside of bedrooms with the prior consent of all roommates assigned to the room. All guests are required to be accompanied by their residential host and must present a government-issued photo ID to a member of the Residence Life staff or Campus Security if asked. Visitors who are not students, faculty, or staff at the Peabody Conservatory must leave the residence hall by 11:00pm unless they are being hosted overnight by a Peabody residence hall student. All Peabody affiliated non-residents must vacate the residence hall by 2:00am.  

If a residential student wishes to host a guest overnight, they must get the approval of their roommate(s), complete an overnight guest form, and have it signed by their roommate(s), RA, and a Residence Life supervisor prior to a guest’s arrival. A copy of the completed form also must be taken to Campus Security when the guest arrives on campus. The Overnight Guest Request form is available from Residence Life.

A guest may stay overnight no more than three (3) nights in a fourteen (14) day period. Guests must abide by all established rules and regulations in the residence hall and on campus, and it is the host’s responsibility to inform their guests of these policies. Any violation of Conservatory policies or regulations committed by the guest will be charged to the student host, including any sanctions or fines resulting from the conduct of the guest. Peabody reserves the right to prohibit overnight visitors, suspend individual visitation privileges, and/or remove disruptive guests from the residence halls.