Off-Campus Listings

The Peabody Institute has partnered with the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute to host an off-campus housing portal. Through this portal you can view local properties and search for roommates who are part of the Hopkins community. In order to access this portal, click the link below and login with your JHED ID. You will be prompted to create an account to access the portal and can then begin to view properties or look for potential roommates.

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Roommate Locating Assistance

In an effort to improve the roommate locating assistance program, we have partnered with the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute to host an Off-Campus Housing Service which includes a roommate search feature.

To access this site, click here. You will log-in using your JHED ID and create a roommate profile. Once you have an active roommate profile you can view other members of the Hopkins community who are looking for roommates both in Mt. Vernon and throughout Baltimore.

Please note: Peabody Student Affairs does not perform any matching of individuals. All information that you are willing to provide is accessible to ALL participants in a non-discriminative manner. We do not oversee the use of this information by the participants. Please make sure that you do not provide any information that you would not normally provide in a paper ad. Participants are limited to students, faculty, and staff of the Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, and the Carey Business School.


Tenant Rights

Maryland Office of the Attorney General – Consumer Protection Division
An online publication written specifically for university students across the state regarding landlord/tenant issues. It outlines frequent student problems when living off-campus, and the rights students have as tenants and the laws they must follow.

Midtown Community Benefits District
The Midtown Community Benefits District is a citizen-run neighborhood advocacy and improvement group authorized by law in 1996 to provide security and sanitation services along with promotional activities for four communities: Bolton Hill, Charles North, Madison Park and Mount Vernon/Belvedere. Its efforts are funded by a taxpayer-approved property tax surcharge. Midtown was created by voter referendum in an effort to make our neighborhoods stronger, better places to live and work.