Peabody Housing offers two living options so that each student can choose the best options for individual needs and preferences. Explore this section to find the important information you need to choose the best housing option for you.

Residence Hall

Capacity: 188
Accommodations: Traditional double, triple, and single rooms along the corridors with hallway bathrooms.

The Peabody Residence Hall consists of two towers (East and West) connected at the plaza level by the dining hall. Constructed in 1968, the towers have large, fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms. The Unger Lounge and Student Affairs Office Suite are located on the main floor of the East Tower. Student mailboxes are located in the basement of the West Tower.

All first-year students will be assigned to a double or triple occupancy room.

2024-25 Room Rates
Double Room $10,961/year $5,481/semester
Single Room $12,356/year $6,178/semester
Triple Room $8,881/year $4,441/semester

Peabody Living Center

Capacity: 54
Accommodations: Double and single occupancy rooms with private bathrooms.

The Peabody Living Center is separate from the Residence Hall and is located steps away from the dining hall, classrooms, studios, Arthur Friedheim Library (AFL), practice rooms, and concert halls. All rooms include a private bathroom. The Peabody Living Center rooms do not contain kitchens, so if you choose this housing option, you will be required to purchase one of the meal plans listed below. This housing option is generally not available for first-year students.

2024-25 Rates
Single Room $13,417/year $6,709/semester
Double Room $12,022/year $6,011/semester

If you would like to view more on the general cost of attendance at the Peabody Conservatory, please visit our cost of attendance page.