Campus Dining offers a welcoming environment to meet fellow Peabody community members while dining on freshly prepared from-scratch foods. With two dining locations on campus, we strive to provide all of our guests with healthy and varied food options. Our dining hall is the perfect place to catch up with friends while enjoying international fare, mouth-watering grilled items, crispy salads, classic deli sandwiches and hot home-style entrées. Maestro’s Café offers locally-roasted fair trade coffees and teas as well as a host of refreshing smoothies, grab and go meal options, soups and hot cereals, and a selection of bagels and pastries. A great atmosphere surrounds you as you sit and relax with your hot (or iced) beverage, catch up with friends, or work on a class project.

Students on the Peabody meal plan are able to eat at any Hopkins Dining location using their meal plan but must indicate to the cashier that they are on the Peabody meal plan. Suggestions and comments concerning the operation of the dining hall are always welcome. Please feel free to share your input at [email protected].

** PLEASE NOTE: If you had a Spring 2024 meal plan and want to keep your Dining Dollars, you are able to roll over you Dining Dollars if you enroll in a 2024-25 meal plan by Sunday, June 30. 

Meal Plans

We know that all students dine differently. Whatever your dining preference, we have a plan for you. Johns Hopkins meal plans are comprised of three parts: meal swipes, dining dollars, and guest passes.

Meal Swipes

Meal swipes are the primary part of the Anytime and 21/19/14/10 meals per week plans.

  • Each entry into the Dining Hall or Homewood’s Hopkins Café is counted as a meal swipe.
  • Meal swipes are reset each Sunday morning for the next week.
  • Unused swipes on the 21/19/14/10 meals per week plans are forfeited each week.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are a dollar-for-dollar tender that can be used in dining retail locations such as Maestro’s Café, Charles Street Market, and Levering Hall. These funds are designed to complement the meal plans by allowing students to purchase snacks, a morning or late night coffee or groceries to prepare a special meal for friends in their residence hall. Additional Dining Dollars can be added at the time of meal plan enrollment or online.

Guest Passes

Guest passes are bonus meals that can be used to treat your friends or family when they visit you in Charm City.  Two guest passes are included with the Anytime and 19/14/10 meals per week plans each semester. Any unused guest passes expire at the end of each semester.

Changing Your Meal Plan

Students may change their meal plan, but the deadline to change your selection is the end of the first week of classes. After that, alterations to meal plans will not be made.

Meal Plan Eligibility

Meal plan eligibility is aligned with class year:

First Year Undergraduates: First Year undergraduates are assigned to the Anytime Meal Plan. This plan was created to help ease the transition from home to campus and to allow students to focus on their academics and community building instead of on washing dishes and cooking their own meals.

The Anytime Meal Plan is designed to allow students to access the Dining Hall or Hopkins Café anytime they are open. There are no limits to the number of dine-in swipes for this plan. This plan includes $250 Dining Dollars.

All Returning Students: All returning students have the choice of three additional plans: 21 Meal Plan, 19 Meal Plan, and 14 Meal Plan. These plans were created to offer greater flexibility for students who have completed one year of college and are experienced in juggling a class and co-curricular workload.

  • 21 Meal Plan: 21 meal swipes per week and includes $100 Dining Dollars per semester.
  • 19 Meal Plan: 19 meal swipes per week and includes $300 Dining Dollars per semester.
  • 14 Meal Plan: 14 meal swipes per week and includes $500 Dining Dollars per semester.

Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students: Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students have the choice of two additional plans: 10 Meal Plan and Block 50 Plan.

  • 10 Meal Plan: 10 meal swipes per week and includes $500 Dining Dollars per semester.
  • Block 50 Plan: 50 meal swipes each semester (approximately 2-3 meals per week) for use in the Dining Hall or Fresh Food Café.  This plan includes $200 Dining Dollars per semester.

If you are a commuter student and are interested in signing up for any of the residential meal plans, click HERE.

Information on meal plan rates can be found HERE.

Hours of Operation

Campus dining strives to be open when and where we are needed for our students. Hours of operation are posted on the Peabody Nest. Please review the full schedule, as there are some schedule adjustments around breaks. Please also note that the hours are subject to change.

Homewood Dining Locations

Visit Homewood’s Dining Programs page to learn more about their dining locations and hours of operation.