This page is an overview of all possible tuition and fees and is not meant for financial planning. If you would like to view more on the general cost of attendance at the Peabody Conservatory, please visit our cost of attendance page.

Tuition for 2023-24 Academic Year

Full time Student (per academic year)
See Tuition & Fees for the Low Residency Master’s Programs

Degree Program $62,380
Artist Diploma and Graduate Performance Diploma Programs $54,237

Part-Time Study (per academic year)

Major Study (one-hour lesson + jury/recital); unlimited ensembles $27,726
Major Study (half-hour lessons + jury/recital); one ensemble $14,463
Vocal Coaching or Minor Study; one-hour lessons $14,463
Vocal Coaching or Minor Study; half-hour lessons $8,831

Supplementary Study

Second Major Field Lessons (double performance major)   $12,121
Hourly per semester credit or audit: Classroom studies, ensembles $1,778
  Music Education certification courses $847
Degree-In-Progress, Graduate Consultation**   $2,628
Elective Minor Study-(Peabody Students & Non-Homewood divisions) 2-credit 1 Hour lesson $1,933
  1-credit 1/2 Hour lesson $966
Remedial Tutorial Study (per clock hour) assigned only in consultation with the Dean’s Office   $380

General Fees

* Application for degree program $120
* Application for Extension students $120
* Tuition Deposit (students returning from leave, non-refundable^ $50
* Tuition Deposit (new students, non-refundable)^^ $700
* Matriculation (one-time for new degree/diploma candidates)^^ $700
Health Service Fee (required for all full-time students) $625
Student Technology and Activities Fee (required for all full-time students) $350
Health Insurance (individual thru CHP) TBD

Additional Fees

Late petition to graduate $30
Change of course after first week each semester, per request $20
Special examination $50
Graduate examination retake $50
Recital late registration fee $50
Recital change/cancellation fee $100
Transcript (academic) per copy $5
Instrument rental (contact Ensemble Office) $100-250
Bass Case rental (contact stage manager) $50-$200
Lost Folder (ensembles) $16
Lost Instrument $1,000 min.
* Lost key (studio/classroom) non-refundable $25
* Lost ID non-refundable $20
* Lock replacement (studio & classroom) non-refundable $75 min.

Room & Board Fees

Residence Hall Maintenance Fee $50
Living Expenses:
Housing & Food:^^^
Double Occupancy/Unlimited Swipes Meal Plan (Mandatory for First Year Students) $18,904
  Double Occupancy/19 or 14 Meal Plan $18,359
* Lost key (Residence Hall and mailbox) non-refundable $25
* Lock replacement non-refundable $50 min.

Low Residency Master’s Tuition & Fees

The costs listed below apply to the entire 13-month low-residency master’s degree program, including both summer sessions and fall and spring semester enrollments.

Tuition $62,380
Living Expenses: Food $3,650
Living Expenses: Housing $7,500
Matriculation Fee $700
Student Technology & Activities Fee $350
Health Services Fee $360
Estimated Health Insurance Cost*** $200

*Non-refundable fees
**Degree-In-Process fee is charged every semester to doctoral students who have completed their residency.
***Required during Summer residencies
^Due prior to registration for all students returning from leave of absence.
^^One-time fee required for each degree/certificate/diploma program.
^^^There is a two year residence hall requirement for full-time undergraduate students. Transfer students have a one year residency requirement.