To keep you informed:

On March 1, 2024 at approximately 2:45 PM, a Peabody affiliate was assaulted in the 400 block of N. Charles St.  The affiliate was approached by a suspect who asked for the time.  When the affiliate replied that they did not know the time, the suspect pushed and slapped them, causing the affiliate’s glasses to fall off.

A delivery person then intervened and chased the suspect away.  The affiliate suffered no physical injuries.

Suspect: male, 30’s, approximately 6’, with a heavy build, wearing a yellow beanie-type hat, a puffy blue coat, blue pants, and multicolored sneakers.

CRIME TIPS: If you are a crime victim, try to remember as many details about the suspect as possible.  Try to walk in groups rather than alone.  Stay in well-lit areas.  If you are a crime victim, report the incident immediately.

For further information and tips, please visit the JHU Public Safety website at and accurate reporting is critical to crime prevention.  Everyone is reminded to contact Campus Security at 667-208-6608 or Baltimore City Police at 911 immediately to report any suspicious person(s) or activity.