Lost and Found

The Campus Security office maintains an active inventory of lost articles that have been found on the campus.  Every reasonable attempt is made to locate the owners.  If you have lost an article on the campus you may check the lost and found by calling 667-208-6608 or by coming into the Campus Security office.

Property Engraving Program

The Property Engraving Program is available to all Peabody students, faculty and staff.  Property engraving programs are proven to be effective in reducing thefts and recovering stolen property.  Marking your property makes it easier for the police to identify and recover it.  Your property can be inscribed with your driver’s license number, or any identifier of your choice.

If your property is unable to be engraved , a color photograph can be taken and filed in the Campus Security office.  This can also assist the police in recovering and identifying your property in the event it is stolen.

You can call the Campus Security office to make arrangements to have your property engraved.

Bicycle Registration Program

Peabody Campus Security requires that all bicycles on campus be registered with Campus Security.  Students and faculty who own bicycles that are not brought onto campus can still register them with Campus Security.  Registering your bicycle with Campus Security insures that you will have the necessary information to give to the police in the event your bicycle is stolen.

Call the Campus Security office to get more information.