Don’t become a victim of crime. Being alert to your surroundings will make you less vulnerable. Follow these tips.

Your car

  • If you park your car on the street or in a public garage, always be sure to take valuables with you or lock them in the trunk of the car.
  • Always lock your car after entering it and exiting it.
  • Always check the inside of the car before you enter it. Check the front and back seats. Even if the car is locked you should check.
  • Carry your keys in your hand so there is no hesitation upon entering your car.
  • Do not offer rides to strangers or pick up hitch hikers on the road.
  • If you suspect someone is following you, drive to the nearest open public place or to a police station and sound your horn.

Your residence

  • Always lock your residence room door. Be sure you lock it when you leave, even if you plan on returning in a very short time. Lock it even when you are in the room.
  • Do not prop residence hall doors open. If you find a door that is propped, remove the prop and secure the door.
  • Report suspicious persons in the residence hall area.

Traveling off campus

  • Use the services of the Peabody Blue Jay shuttle.
  • Avoid going out alone at night or at anytime. Walk in groups of two or more people.
  • Walk near the curb and avoid walk ways that pass close to shrubbery, dark doorways, alleys and other places where someone could conceal themselves.
  • Stay in well lighted areas.
  • Do not walk with your head down. Walk erect and look at people you are passing.

If you feel that you are being followed or you feel unsafe, go to the nearest open public business and seek assistance.