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Language Proficiency Exam

DMA students are required to demonstrate proficiency in one language other than English. As a rule, the foreign language must be chosen from among French, German, or Italian. Students who wish to take the exam in a language other than French, German, or Italian must petition the DMA Committee for permission.

Piano Literature Exam

The Piano Literature Examination is offered at the end of each semester. For information about the scheduled date of the exam, please contact Professor Boris Slutsky.

Music Theory Examination

The topics for the Music Theory Examination are selected by the student’s Music Theory advisor, after consultation with the prospective candidate. Students are allotted eight (8) hours to take the exam: either one 8-hour day, or two consecutive 4-hour days.

Preliminary Oral Exam Guidelines

Students take the Preliminary Oral Examination in the second semester of study. The exam is intended to demonstrate a student’s ability to speak about a single substantial piece of repertoire, which is chosen by the student and approved by the DMA Committee during the first semester of study.

The 25-minute examination consists of questions about the selected repertoire, as well as a listening portion, in which students listen to two excerpts and are asked to describe what he or she hears. The exam is administered by a subcommittee of the DMA Committee and verified by the full Committee. DMA students must pass the Preliminary Oral Examination in order to achieve Degree-in-Progress status.