The Artist Diploma is a non-degree program reserved for exceptional and experienced performers, with emphasis on repertoire designed to meet the needs of performers who are preparing and qualified to embark upon a professional career.

Degree Requirements (AD)

One year of full-time residency is required, with a minimum of two years of study expected. Financial aid is awarded for a maximum of two years, and the program must be completed within five years.

Artist Diploma candidates must present four public recitals: two in each academic year in which they are enrolled in lessons. In voice, a major opera role may be considered an appropriate substitute for one or more recitals, subject to the approval of the major teacher and the departments involved. Artist Diploma candidates who do not successfully perform two public recitals each academic year will not be meeting the standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Artist Diploma candidates must complete eight credits of elective coursework during the semesters in which they are enrolled in lessons. The electives are determined by the student or as advised by the major teacher in consultation with members of the department and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The program also allows for independent study projects in various aspects of career development as appropriate for the student.

For more details about the Artist Diploma, see the Academic Catalog.