The Master of Arts program in Audio Sciences was developed in conjunction with members of the professional audio community to provide students with the technical knowledge and musical skills necessary to work at an advanced level in the field of audio and/ or acoustics. The program is intended both for current audio professionals who wish to obtain a post-baccalaureate credential and individuals with a background in science, technology, and/or music who are seeking additional training in order to gain employment in the audio or acoustics industry.

Students choose from two tracks: a concentration in Recording and Production or Acoustical Studies. Core course work includes Musical Acoustics, Electroacoustics, Psychoacoustics, and Architectural Acoustics. The remaining coursework in each track consists of courses specific to the concentration chosen by the student in accordance with his or her background and professional goals.

The Recording and Production path prepares students for careers in audio engineering with alumni working in recording studios, broadcast, video game sound, audiovisual system design, speaker/headphone design, and more. Courses include practical training with professors who are active as professional engineers, and noted professionals who join us as visiting lecturers. Theoretical training comes through lectures and coursework that support the sequence of practical training.

The Acoustical Studies concentration is designed to prepare students to work as professionals in the fields of acoustical consulting, sound systems design, acoustical product design, and sound systems integration. The program provides a thorough grounding in acoustical fundamentals and design practices to enable graduates to begin careers in these specialized fields.

Admission requires an undergraduate degree in music, physics, engineering, audio technology, or architecture. Students should have a strong background in math and science from their undergraduate work or high school, of particular interest are Calculus and Physics. Students otherwise qualified may be accepted into the degree program with added requirements that are to be taken concurrent with their first year of study or during the summer at a department chair-approved school of their choice. International students must demonstrate competencies in English commensurate with expectations for Peabody’s Master of Music degree program.

For more details about the Master of Arts degree, see the Academic Catalog.