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What do I wear to rehearsals?

Neat, comfortable, casual clothing is generally the best attire for rehearsals. Avoid excesses in style which might be a distraction to the other members of your ensemble. One special note: in most cases at Peabody the term “dress rehearsal” does not imply that you are required to be present in your concert attire—it merely indicates the rehearsal(s) that immediately precede a concert performance.

What do I wear to concerts?

The Concert Attire Guidelines, found in the syllabus, are strongly enforced to ensure that everyone in the ensemble is dressed professionally and uniformly for performances. If in doubt as to what to wear, you should stay as conservative as possible. Any students who arrive for a concert improperly dressed will be sent home to change or, if this is not possible, will have their grade automatically lowered and may be pulled from the concert. Consistent failure to maintain a professional appearance in performance will have a negative effect upon one’s grade.

What should I not wear to a concert?

If an item of clothing does not appear as being permitted within the Concert Attire Guidelines, found in the syllabus, for the particular ensemble in question, then you should not wear it for a concert.

When do I need to show up for a rehearsal?

Please refer to the Fall 2020 Syllabus.

When do I need to show up for a concert?

Please refer to the Fall 2020 Syllabus.

My instrument is broken. What do I do about today’s rehearsal?

Contact the Ensemble Office to arrange for a substitute instrument so that a service is not missed. In most cases, we can provide a temporary replacement while you are having repairs made. Missing a service due to instrument repairs will not be considered an excused absence.

I don’t feel well. What should I do?

Please refer to the Fall 2020 Syllabus.

I’m having arm problems. Should I come to rehearsal?

Students who are experiencing a short-term, non-contagious illness not confining them to bed, or a minor injury, are still required to attend rehearsals. They should submit the appropriate Excuse Request Form to let the Ensemble Program Manager know the circumstances. If the illness or injury prevents them from playing their instrument, then they should audit the rehearsal, either by sitting in their seat within the ensemble, or in a seat within the rehearsal hall close enough to hear the conductor. They should have their part(s) in hand and follow the rehearsal carefully, marking whatever issues are covered. No other course work may be undertaken during this time, and no electronic devices may be used.

I’m sick and can’t make rehearsal. What should I do with my music?

Please refer to the Fall 2020 Syllabus.

I don’t like my stand partner. What can I do?

You should make every attempt to put your personal likes and dislikes aside for the sake of the ensemble. However, if you feel that the situation is severe enough to pose a threat to the well being of the ensemble, you should request an appointment to discuss the matter privately with Ensemble Office Staff.

When are auditions?

Please see Ensemble Placement page for details.

How do I obtain the music for my ensemble auditions?

Please see Ensemble Placement page for details.

I need a copy of a part for a professional audition. Can I get that from the Ensemble Office?

The Ensemble Library is a non-circulating collection and these requests will not be accommodated. Students should check the Arthur Friedheim Music Catalog, as many compilations of common excerpts have been published for every instrument.

How do I audition for the Conductors’ Orchestra?

Eligibility is determined during the Ensemble placement in the fall semester. Students may indicate their interest in participating with the Conductors’ Orchestra on the Ensemble Placement Information Form.

Do I need to make an appointment with the Ensemble Office if I have questions?

While we are happy to discuss any questions via email or phone, if you need to come to the office in person, you must schedule an appointment with an Ensemble Office staff member.

What are the hours of the Ensemble Office?

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

I want to do a rental piece for my degree recital. What do I have to do?

Students are not authorized to deal directly with music publishers for performances presented under the aegis of Peabody.  Rentals can be secured through the Ensemble Office.  Please contact the Ensemble Librarian, Caleb Bradley, with any requests.

I have a class the same time as ensemble rehearsal. What should I do?

Absences or lateness due to scheduling conflicts with private lessons or classes will not be excused. This applies to extra lessons and make-ups as well. It is your responsibility to arrange your schedule so as to avoid conflicts.

I want to hire Peabody musicians to perform at a wedding or other private function. Does the Ensemble Office handle these types of requests?

No. Requests for hiring Peabody musicians to perform at private functions should be directed to our Music Entrepreneurship and Career Center.