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To keep you informed:

Recently, two Peabody students reported that they suspected they may have been drugged while drinking alcohol at the bar Sugarvale, located at 4 West Madison Street in the Mount Vernon area. This report has not been confirmed or refuted at this time, but we are sending you this message as a reminder to be vigilant in keeping you and your friends safe. There is no reported or suspected assault or injuries associated with this report.

Safety Tips:   When out drinking stay in the company of someone you trust.

Do not leave your drink unattended where someone could tamper with it.

Watch your drink as it is being prepared.

Do not accept beverages from someone you do not know.

Timely and accurate reporting is critical to crime prevention. Everyone is reminded to contact Campus Security at 667-208-6608 or Baltimore City Police at 911 immediately to report any suspicious person(s) or activity.