The Guitar Performance Academy is an opportunity for classical guitar students receiving instruction at the Peabody Preparatory to further develop their musicianship and performance skills in solo and ensemble music. Students in this program will have additional opportunities master classes, workshops and community performances.

Upon a successful audition, students may register for the Performance Academy class on Thursday evenings. The Academy class consists of alternating ensemble rehearsals as well as a solo performance class.

To continue membership in Performance Academy, students must consistently demonstrate excellent preparation for lessons, participation in performances, and stellar attendance.

Audition Requirements

  • Solo Pieces
    Two contrasting solo pieces at Suzuki book 5/Royal Conservatory of Music Book 4 or above.
  • Technique
    See Technique Requirement page
  • Ensemble
    Prepare Grand Canon m. 9 – downbeat of 49 at quarter = 56
  • Musicianship
    • Sight Reading excerpt
    • Interview

Note: Playing at the stated repertoire level does not ensure acceptance into Guitar Performance Academy.

Additional Recommendations

While not required, successful participation of at least one year in Advanced or Teen ensemble, as well as a record of participation in departmental events (Fret Fest and/or Summer Guitar Intensive) will be looked on favorably for admission to the Performance Academy program.