Youth Guitar Orchestra

James Keretses, Fret Fest assistant director, will coach students through a short piece for guitar ensemble with the goal of introducing students to the basics of playing effectively with other guitarists. Students are encouraged to select a part and prepare before rehearsal—parts below can be found for students of all levels including pre-readers. Pick the most appropriate part with your teacher.

Unedited Alpine Waltz

Simplified Alpine Waltz

Technique Warm Up

Peabody Guitar Faculty member Dr. Zane Forshee will lead a warm up for classical guitarists featuring arpeggios, slurs and left hand synchronization exercises.

Pre-College Master Class

Masterclass with Julian Gray for Pre-College classical guitarists. Performers are pre selected, please see registration links to apply. Open to observers.

Working with Digital Delay

An in-depth look at how to use time based effects in performance. Participants will survey established pieces written with delay, learning how to find and set the correct tempo, play cleanly and accurately with the delayed sound, and practice tips for learning a piece with delay. Stations with electric guitars will be available for participants to use delay effects and try out the techniques learned in the workshop.


Acoustic Fingerstyle Techniques

A deep dive into some key elements of modern acoustic guitar playing. Participants will learn different and unconventional ways to activate sound on their guitars, including tapping, percussive hits, and left/right hand hammering.

Women in Classical Guitar History

Dr. Candice Mowbray leads audiences through an appreciative look at the accomplishments and contributions of women as players, teachers and composers throughout the history of the classical guitar. From the early Baroque period to the Grand Dames of the 20th century, this informative presentation shares the stories and music of wonderful musicians such as Francesca Caccini, Emilia Giuliani, Madame Sydney Pratten, Vahdah Olcott-Bickford, Maria Luisa Anido, Ida Presti and Luise Walker. The presentation aims to celebrate the careers of these great guitarists, give a broader understanding of the history of guitar, and promote the inclusion of these women and their works in programming and the general study of guitar. Resources will be discussed to encourage further exploration.

Electric Guitar Lab

Peabody Preparatory guitar faculty will give a crash course in electric guitar noise-making. Participants will have a chance to try plugging into different amplifiers and changing the sound of their guitars with some of the most used effects pedals (overdrive, delay, wah-wah, phasers, tremolo, etc.)


(12:45) Adult Student Master Class

Masterclass with Troy King for adult classical guitarists.

Performers are pre-selected, please see registration links to apply. Open to observers.

Making Things Happen: A Practical Introduction to Playing Jazz with Others

In this lecture/performance, the essential components of a jazz performance will be discussed and demonstrated. Topics that will be explored include: the basic roles/responsibilities when playing a jazz song with others, common repertoire and where it comes from, helpful skills for getting started, and strategies for improvisation. A handout with examples, additional resources, and suggested listening will be provided.

Improv for Everyone

This workshop is aimed for all guitarists interested in making music on the fly. We will discuss the various components integral to creating good melodies and practice making our own music in a relaxed group setting. No improvisation experience required to participate!