Peabody Outreach for Piano Pedagogy (POPP) provides Peabody students the opportunity to teach weekly piano lessons in Baltimore area schools. The program began in the spring semester of 2018 at Thomas Johnson Elementary School, and has expanded over the years to include outreach at the Billie Holiday Elementary School and the Peabody Preparatory. POPP was founded and originally funded by Peabody alumni interested in providing access to a one-on-one foundational education on piano for students that cannot access such a service through their school system, at no cost to the student. The program focuses on elementary-aged students.

Throughout the school year, POPP fellows are able to become familiar with teaching structure outside of the standard studio format, as well as to gain experience with foundational pedagogy. Fellows are provided with a $3000 stipend split into 15 payments, with assistance in transportation if necessary.


  • Teaching: Provide lessons and classes for students at your assigned school location
    • Teaching content and schedule will be determined according to schedules of the fellow and student, as well as the student’s level on the instrument
    • Participants are expected to participate in all required teaching and mentorship to receive stipend
  • Performances: The Fellow will be responsible for assisting with the POPP student recital
    • They will be responsible for preparing assigned students for their performance, picking appropriate repertoire, and encouraging a well-prepared and positive performance environment

How to apply

  • This program is offered to currently enrolled graduate students
  • Applicants are to have completed or currently be enrolled in Piano Pedagogy PY. 450.667-668.
  • Fellows are selected in the beginning of the school year by Dr. Hyun-Sook Park, adjunct professor of piano pedagogy.

For further information, please contact Dr. Hyun-Sook Park at [email protected].