-Every year, we highlight several donors and the inspiration behind their gifts.-

Darcy Meadows (MM ’06 Voice)

Why I Give: I give to Peabody because I believe that music education and performance can transform communities and that every artist is worth celebrating. Many Peabody graduates go on to make music in the most famous concert halls around the world.  And many others make music on a smaller but equally impressive stage – giving their musical talent as part-time teachers or community chorus members. Peabody values every artist’s contribution to the music world and that is what makes this community of educators and musicians so diverse and impactful.

Christine Schmitz 
(BM ’75 Voice and Member, Peabody Institute Advisory Board)

Why I Give: Peabody gave me a wonderful opportunity many years ago, to study with some of the best musicians available in this country. This study expanded my horizons way beyond what I could have ever dreamed possible. The structure and discipline you learn from developing as a musician prepares you for everything else you attempt in your life and career. I think that everyone should give back as a thank you for the opportunities they have been given. Pass on the opportunities!

James L. Meyerhoff

Why I Give: I donate to Peabody because I believe that classical music is an icon of western civilization that should be supported. The preservation of this art form depends on support for talented teachers that train and inspire future musicians who will in turn preserve and enhance this art.  The Piccolo Program, under Laurie Sokoloff, is an outstanding example, as 7 orchestra piccolo auditions have been won by students from this program in the past 8 years.  This achievement is a great credit to the students, their teachers and to Peabody.

Janet Rayburn Grieve (BM ’62, MM ’63 Cello)

Why I Give: I give because the stimulating and inspiring Peabody experience gave me a firm foundation, enabling me to enjoy a lifetime career of teaching and performing.

Jill McGovern
(Member, Peabody Institute Advisory Board)

Why I Give: As President of Johns Hopkins, my husband, Steven Muller, was devoted to The Peabody Institute.  I give to continue his commitment by investing in the Institute’s premier ensemble, the Peabody Symphony Orchestra.  The annual concert in Steve’s memory is a tribute to him as well as to Peabody’s superb students and faculty.

Sarah Berger (MM ’00 Voice)

Why I Give: We music school graduates are engaged and creative.  We light up our communities.  But cardiologists and corporate lawyers we are not.  So how can we support Peabody?  How can we compete?  By coming out in droves.  By dogged reliability.  I know I’ll never get a building named after me for my $100 a year, but I know that if each and every one of us gives that much, or half that much, or any amount, we can build the kind of network of support for Peabody that any business school would envy.  We can make a symphony of millions.


Eric Beach (BM ’04, GPD ’05 Percussion)

Why I Give: I can’t afford to give much, but I believe that giving even a small gift to Peabody is a symbol of my belief that classical music isn’t dead.

Hart Linker (MM ’11 Saxophone)
Why I Give: Professor Gary Louie and the faculty at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University helped me develop both the skills and confidence needed to tackle virtually any obstacle in the real world. From substituting in the Macon Symphony Orchestra and starting my first private teaching studio in 2011 to now transitioning into a second career in the health sciences, there has not been a moment where I haven’t used skills learned in the “Introduction to Music Business” course, “Community Engagement” course, and weekly saxophone lessons to help me fulfill my personal and professional goals. Aware of the impact the Peabody Institute has had in both my personal and professional life, I strongly believe that it is our role as alumni, to insure that future generations of musicians have the opportunity to experience all that is Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University!