The Playing Well online curriculum addresses a range of occupational health issues specific to the needs of instrumentalists and provides practical, scientifically grounded approaches to peak performance. As athletes of the “small muscles” and in order to maximize performance potential, musicians need knowledge of 1.) anatomy and principles of movement; 2.) common playing-related injuries (and other health conditions that affect playing) and their treatments; 3.) retraining and prevention strategies; and 4.) mental fitness for performing artists. This overview of critical occupational health information provides musicians with “operating instructions” for their own bodies, introduces core principles of wellness and injury prevention, and fosters the development of awareness and self-study for lifelong playing health and career resiliency. The series of four courses combines the scientific resources of Johns Hopkins Medicine with the performance expertise of the Peabody Institute. Course materials are developed by Dr. Serap Bastepe Gray, a member of the Peabody Conservatory Guitar and JHU Department of Neurology faculty, and a licensed occupational therapist with a certification in Performing Arts Medicine from the American College of Sports Medicine and Performing Arts Medicine Association; and Dr. Scott Brown, past president of the Performing Arts Medicine Association, board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and adjunct faculty at the Peabody Conservatory.

The Instructor-Led, For-Credit version of the course is offered with the instructor during the regular semester or summer session. In this version, you will receive a grade for the course, the Registrar will keep a transcript, and you can transfer the credits to another institution.


Playing Well 1: Anatomy and Movement

Playing Well 1: Anatomy and Movement is the first of four course in the Playing Well series. It explores the anatomical and movement principles that govern efficient and effective physical motion with particular attention to those structures at risk for repetitive trauma, and provides musicians with “operating instructions” for their own bodies.

Playing Well 2: Medical Conditions and Treatments

Playing Well 2: Medical Conditions and Treatments, explores instrumental musicians’ playing-related disorders and their clinical evaluation and treatments.

Playing Well 3: Prevention and Retraining

Playing Well 3: Prevention and Retraining explores primary and secondary prevention strategies within a frame work of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

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