Looking to avoid injury and maintain peak performance? The Peabody Institute’s Playing Well program of study gives instrumental musicians what they need to know for optimal performance health. Learn about common musicians’ injuries and syndromes, as well as movements and positions that may prevent pain and decrease the likelihood of injury, with expert guidance to help  you take what you learn into the practice room — and onto the stage.

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Gwyn Roberts


Recorder & Baroque Flute

[Playing Well] revolutionized how I think about practicing, learning and performing. Knowing more specifically what is going on physically, especially neurologically, as we learn and play has helped me to create even more effective and durable ways of teaching myself and my students.


Geared towards the needs of instrumental musicians and music educators, Playing Well is the only comprehensive program of study widely available to musicians of all types and genres in a self-paced, online format. It includes:

  • Essential information to support technical and performance skills
  • Expert perspectives from the Peabody Institute and Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Self-paced, on-demand online format to accommodate the demands of performance and touring
  • Detailed scientific principles and medical information customized for musicians
  • Curated content from musicians, music pedagogues, performing arts medicine specialists, physical and occupational therapists, and somatic educators (including Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and others)
  • Tools and activities to foster the development of awareness and self-study for lifelong career resiliency and playing health
  • Accompanying downloadable workbook to use in the studio or practice room for practical application of course material



  • Musicians playing in orchestras, chamber groups, ensembles, bands, marching bands
  • Musicians with solo careers
  • High school instrumentalists aspiring to a professional career in music
  • Professional musicians in training at colleges/conservatories
  • Conductors and ensemble directors
  • Musicians who teach private lessons
  • K-12 music educators
  • Avocational musicians who play frequently
  • Anyone looking to learn more about supporting the playing health of musicians


Anatomy+Movement for Instrumental Musicians explores the anatomical and movement principles that govern efficient and effective physical motion, and provides musicians with “operating instructions” for their own bodies. Through original and curated content and the expert perspectives of physicians, therapists, and musicians, you will learn about common movement patterns that may lead to musicians’ injuries and disorders, movements and positions that may prevent pain and decrease the likelihood of injury, and how the body’s structure and function can impact musical performance – with expert guidance on how to apply the anatomical and movement knowledge you gain in this course to your work in practice and performance.

The Anatomy+Movement for Instrumental Musicians series comprises the first courses in the Playing Well program of study, and serves as the basis for all subsequent Playing Well coursework.

Musicians’ Playing-Related Medical Conditions and Treatments explores instrumental musicians’ playing-related disorders and their clinical evaluation and treatments. Course topics include an overview of risk factors and injury mechanisms, principles of treatment, medical examinations, and specific injuries and treatments by body region. Through original and curated content, you will receive information from the expert perspectives of physicians, therapists, and musicians and complete a practical capstone project designed to apply medical and therapeutic knowledge to your work in practice and performance.
Injury Prevention and Retraining Strategies for Instrumental Musicians
Mental Fitness for Performing Artists