“As the evening’s most powerful dramatic experience, George Crumb’s ‘Apparition’ was magically rendered and well coordinated with pianist Eileen Cornett’s demanding maneuvers on amplified piano.” – Marion Jacobson, The Washington Post

“Pianist Eileen Cornett summoned her usual magic to accompany every singer’s style throughout the live stage competition.” – Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun

“The group’s accompanist, Eileen Cornett, is phenomenal.” – The Review, Washington’s Original Arts-News Magazine

“With a good-sized orchestra tucked into a pit below the stage, the balance, intonation, and overall quality of instrumental support it produces is outstanding. Bravo to conductor Eileen Cornett and the musicians.” – Sally Vallongo, Toledo Blade

“As always, there was uncommonly good playing from pianist Eileen Cornett, whose professional credits can now state that she was a Most Valuable Player on Super Bowl Sunday.” – Phil Greenfield, Baltimore Sun

“Much of the score’s appeal comes from that keyboard part, with its distinctive application of minimalist-related idioms and its finely nuanced shading. Pianists Johanna Kvam and Hanna Shin make the most of the assignment, becoming major stars of the production, sensitively conducted by Eileen Cornett.” – Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun

“The pianist, Eileen Cornett, was truly professional.” – Albany Times

“The instrumental ensemble, led by Eileen Cornett, was terrific.” – Anne Midgette, The Washington Post

“Extraordinary pianist Eileen Cornett received unanimous acclaim and in the words of director Schumacher, just walked away with the show.”- Mary P. Johnson, The Severna Park Voice

“…who would expect a wonderful three-ring orchestra, piping away like John Philip Sousa with tuba, trombone, glockenspiel and piccolo to the Coleman songs…Perhaps the Fisher Theatre (Detroit) could look into borrowing this orchestra, led by Eileen Cornett.” – John Guinn, Detroit Free Press

“In viewing the Vocal Competition’s proceedings from a sense of mathematical balance and proportionality, I cannot conclude my review without calling attention to the efforts of a key participant in these Annapolis Opera Vocal Competitions, namely accompanist Eileen Cornett of Peabody Conservatory. Just tally up the statistics: Each singer prepares four or five arias, amounting to perhaps twenty-five minutes of music apiece. But Professor Cornett must familiarize herself with the piano accompaniment of EACH selection from EVERY semifinalist and finalist. This Herculean task means that she immerses herself in nearly 150 separate compositions, totaling more than twelve and a half hours of music – the equivalent length of three complete Wagner operas (and she doesn’t even get a breather by being killed off at the end of the Second Act). So, I offer a tip of the musical appreciation hat to Professor Cornett for her enduring contribution in making these annual Annapolis Opera events a resounding success.” – David Lindauer, The Capital Gazette

“Contributing rhythmic zing was the gifted instrumental trio led by pianist Eileen Cornett… A versatile artist, Cornett is a sensitive, classical accompanist to singers, a stunning soloist in any musical genre and here proved that she could take her jazz trio to tour the area’s top clubs, should she ever choose to do so.” – Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun

“Eileen Cornett’s musical direction, the orchestra she leads, and the ensemble singing of the cast is uniformly excellent.” – Harmen Mitchell, The Ann Arbor News

“The music that gifted pianist Eileen Cornett delicately weaves…” – Tracey O’Shaughnessy, The Bethesda/Chevy Chase Almanac

“Eileen Cornett’s orchestra was on target and perfectly modulated…” – Brian McCann, The Michigan Daily

“Jason (Stearns) was impeccably accompanied by pianist Eileen Cornett of the Peabody faculty, who also helps with the Annapolis Opera Annual Vocal Competition. The singer and pianist have unmistakable rapport that assured a highly polished performance.” – Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun

“The combo of pianist Eileen Cornett, trumpeter Brent Finchbaugh and bassist Laura Ruas provided consistently stylish support for the show…” – Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

“ClarinetFest 2016’s Colla Voce II recital on Saturday, August 6 in Swarthout Recital Hall featured works for clarinet, voice and piano. The first work was Pioneer Women: From Skagway to White Mountain by Barbara Harbach. As the title suggests, the work reflects the hardiness and folksy nature of a pioneer woman. It has notes of Americana and ample opportunities to display an ensemble’s dramatic skill. The trio Northern Accord – Elizabeth Gunlogson, clarinet, Kirsten Gunlogson, mezzo-soprano and Eileen Cornett, piano – was well-balanced and engaging throughout. Elizabeth Gunlogson displayed a beautiful sound capable of countless colors. The work was virtuosic and all of the performers were more than equal to the task.” – Amanda McCandless, ClarinetFest2016, Colla Voce II