Completion of the MM/MTP program requires that the student complete 35 credits as detailed below and meet Conservatory requirements for graduate students as specified in the Peabody Catalogue. These requirements include maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA, achieving a “B” or higher in major area courses, and full-time residency of at least one year. The MM/MTP degree is administered by┬áDr. Kip Wile.

Residency and completion time for the MM/MTP

Completion of the MM/MTP degree requires students to be enrolled with full-time status for a minimum of one year. Each student must complete all requirements for the MM degree within five years of the date of initial registration.

Dual degrees

Students in the MM/MTP program may be concurrently enrolled in another MM program or in the Doctor of Musical Arts program. All graduate programs at Peabody have similar core curricula. Students enrolled in two degree programs may use the same core curriculum courses to satisfy the requirements of both degrees. Similarly, elective credits may fulfill the requirements of both degrees. Students enrolled in more than one degree program should consult with the Office of Academic Affairs to determine which credits may be applied to both degrees.

With the exception of the core courses and electives, the requirements of the individual degree programs are mutually exclusive; advanced coursework in one program will not count toward the completion of another. Students planning dual degrees should meet with both Dr. Kip Wile, administrator of the MM/MTP program and their other advisor regularly.