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Faculty learning communities are defined as “cross-disciplinary faculty and staff group of 6-15 members that engage in ‘an active, collaborative, yearlong program with a curriculum about enhancing teaching and learning and with frequent seminars and activities that provide learning, development, the scholarship of teaching, and community building’” (Newman, 2017, p. 428).

At Peabody, the Learning Innovation team in collaboration with Institute Studies provides the frameworks and financial and structural supports for faculty to initiate, participate in, and report out of learning communities. These communities are provided platforms to share their findings, outcomes, and recommendations with both their peers and leadership, with the goal of improving the teaching and learning experience across the institution in a variety of ways.

A faculty learning community eligible for funding includes some or all of the following:

  • One faculty Chair and one faculty Co-Chair.
  • Members from two or more faculty departments representing both the Conservatory and the Preparatory. Communities with a single department discussing topics unique to that department will also be considered.
  • One or more graduate or doctoral student representatives.
  • Selection of a topic with the potential to impact teaching and learning at Peabody in ways both impactful and relevant to the Breakthrough Plan.

Funding up to $1250 per learning community per year will cover purchases for educational purposes, including but not limited to materials (books, research materials, etc.) and guest speaker stipends.

Each learning community should have one Chair and one Co-Chair to administer the community and keep it on track. Chairs and Co-Chairs of a learning community will:

  • Lead 5 or more conversations with community members per academic year,
  • Work to guarantee attendance and engagement among the community,
  • Suggest, provide, and secure materials and guest speakers utilizing the community’s allocated budget,
  • Administer and encourage participation in the community’s topic channel within the “Peabody Learning Communities” Microsoft Team.
  • Present findings at the end of the academic year via a minimum 1-page report and a 20-minute presentation to peers, and
  • Each receive one $750 stipend each in addition to the learning community’s budget, upon completion of deliverables at the conclusion of the academic year.

* The first formal learning communities will be piloted at Peabody in Spring semester of 2022. These abbreviated learning communities will meet 2 or more times during the semester, receive up to $750 for educational expenses, and each Chair and co-Chair will receive a $400 stipend.