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The Faculty “Fresh Voices” Mentoring Program is a cohort-based program that gives new faculty the opportunity to network with and learn from a curated group of faculty mentors. The program was designed collaboratively by the Dean’s Advisory Committee (DAC) and Learning Innovation.

Each year, a group of self-nominated new faculty will be paired with a smaller group of faculty mentors (self-nominated and peer-nominated). The goal is to facilitate acclimation to a new environment and colleagues, while creating a greater sense of community and belonging, particularly across applied/classroom lines.

Program Details

Mentees will be assigned in small groups to primary mentors based on areas of interest. 

Large Group Sessions

Mentors and mentees will attend 2-3 large group sessions per semester. These sessions will include all mentors and mentees; mentees will be seated with their small groups and their primary mentor. Each session will include short departmental or administrative presentations followed by discussion in the small groups and across the entire cohort. For example, one topic might be “What’s the single most effective thing you do to enhance communication and cohesion in your studio or classroom?”

1-1 Engagement

Mentors will meet with each mentee for 1 half-hour session at the beginning of the academic year. Subsequently, 1-1 appointments will be available by request but are not part of the core definition of the program.



New faculty of all ranks and statuses and in the first 3 years of employment at Peabody are eligible. Participants confirm interest through self-nomination. The program is open to faculty of all ranks and statuses.

New full-time faculty will receive additional support to prepare them for the ranking, reappointment, and promotion process.


Faculty can apply to be mentors after 3 years of employment at Peabody. Colleagues can also nominate their peers by emailing Learning Innovation. Mentors will be selected by the DAC and Learning Innovation. 

Accepted mentors will receive a stipend of $750 for the academic year, pursuant to the standards of the program details. Mentors will also receive training and have access to resources regarding important institutional information, best practices in mentoring, and guardrails for when to refer questions to relevant areas at Peabody.

Program Timeline – AY2024-25

August 26, 2024 – Mentor applications due
September 15, 2024 – Mentee applications due
October 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025 – Program duration

Registration Now Open to Participate in the AY2024-25 Faculty Mentoring Program!

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