Lyn Goeringer is a composer, sound artist, improvisor, and performer who makes her own instruments and multi-media pieces that focus on the unusual and everyday within sound, video, and electronics. Her work relies on intense focus and attention to bring the listener to a point of intentional hearing a world where unusual objects bring haunting soundscapes to life, and everyday objects become sonic in ways we do not usually get the opportunity to hear. Informed by reductionism and essentialism in improvisation and compositional practice, her works investigate individual sounds and images, giving them the time and space they need for their inner complexity to rise to the surface. Her current research/practitioner focus is on the mythopoetic as it relates to the unconscious and the unseen.

She received her Ph. D from Brown University in 2011, and an MFA from Bard College in 2005. As a performer and improvisor, she has performed throughout the United States with her handmade interfaces and instruments, and has exhibited her sound installations throughout the United States, including the Jack Straw New Media Gallery (Seattle, WA), Penny Stamps Gallery (Ann Arbor, MI), and Science Gallery Detroit (Detroit, Michigan).