Please note that, by completing this enrollment form, you are committing to the commuter meal plan for the entire academic year (fall-spring semester).

This form is for students who are not on a meal plan already.

IMPORTANT: Budgeting for a meal plan on the Monthly Payment Plan through the Student Accounts Office does NOT enroll a student for a meal plan. When this contract is received by the Student Accounts Office, then the student’s name is entered on the meal plan roster and the billing is processed. Returning this form will NOT cause you to be billed twice for the meal plan.

Changing Your Meal Plan: Students may change their meal plan, but the deadline to change your selection is the end of the first week of classes. After that, alterations to meal plans will not be made.

Again, cancellation is not permitted. Once enrolled, the commuter meal plan is in effect for the entire academic year (fall-spring semester).

Please read the entire contract before signing.