The first word I always use to describe my experience in the Peabody String Sinfonia is 'life-giving.' As musicians, we spend a lot of time rehearsing and performing. We talk about stage presence and performance preparation, professionalism and musicianship. But we often forget what a gift it is just to be together - with our fellow musicians and with our audiences. Sinfonia is all about creating connection, being real, and spending time with each other and our audiences as we all look for light and joy in the midst of situations that can be quite dark. It's about sharing, not helping; receiving, not just giving; and creating kinship through respect, openness, and acceptance towards everybody, always. And that is an experience that is transformative.”

Sarah Thomas

Member of Sinfonia 2016-20, Co-Director 2018-19
Violin ‘

Being a part of the Peabody String Sinfonia was one of the highlights of my time as a graduate student. There is nothing more meaningful and rewarding as a musician than engaging with others, both inside and outside the concert hall. Sinfonia performances were intimate and personal as we interacted with audiences closely and even got to hear from individual audience members during many of our performances. This served as an important reminder that what we do is about more than the sounds that spring forth from our instruments, and all the hours spent in practice rooms: we have the incredible opportunity to participate in shared experiences and connect with all those around us, something that is truly invaluable. Sinfonia served as an important reminder of this gift and responsibility we musicians have, and I am so grateful for that.”

Gavon Peck

Member of Sinfonia 2016-2019
Viola ‘

As the founder of the Peabody String Sinfonia, it has been a joy to witness the wonderful work of the student-led Sinfonia and its devotion to bringing the healing power of music— in particular, the magical beauty of the string ensemble repertoire— to our Baltimore community. For those of you who are considering joining, I can speak firsthand about how deeply meaningful this experience can be in your life as a musician and human being!”

Maria Lambros

Faculty, Founder of Sinfonia
Viola ‘