Stronger Together | 2021

Thank you…

for standing with Peabody to uplift and support the arts. Your dedication helped our students, faculty, and staff come together to innovate, adapt, and build community in a year unlike any we have endured before. 

We are truly stronger together. This year, we set the bar higher and accelerated our commitment to training the next generation of 21st-century artists. Our partnerships — strengthened by your philanthropy — show how we can make Peabody, Baltimore, and the world better when we invest in the arts. We celebrate you for making all our achievements possible. 

Peabody Philanthropy
by the numbers

Your generosity is a sign of trust.
Thank you for making this a record-breaking fundraising year at Peabody!


Donors like you gave to the Institute last year


In gifts were made to support Peabody

Peabody Partnerships Powered by Philanthropy


Low-latency practice rooms

on campus nearly eliminated the audio-visual lag between virtual performers, allowing faculty to hold live lessons safely.

300 COVID-safe zipper masks

were distributed to brass and woodwind students so they could practice and perform safely.

147 instruments loaned

to Conservatory and Preparatory students

14,279 COVID tests

administered on campus

2,008 Preparatory students

received remote instruction

375 Conservatory students

received remote instruction


205 performances presented virtually

including living room concerts, live concert hall performances, and guest artist workshops from the Preparatory and Conservatory

5,135 viewers attended virtual performances

from 36 countries

$500,000 in emergency support awarded

to student facing COVID-19 hardship

191 career coaching

sessions delivered

31 Career Development Grants


$17.5 Million in scholarhips awarded

to Conservatory students

$646,100 in scholarships awarded

to Preparatory students


108% Increase in enrolled Conservatory students

who identify as either biracial, indigenous, or people of color from 59 in 2015 to 123 in 2020

36 guest speakers joined Peabody

at campus-wide community conversations on anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion

Community Connectivity

The Next Normal: Arts Innovation and Resilience in a Post-COVID World

The Peabody Institute convened arts industry leaders to explore the path forward for artist and organizations and the long-term, post-COVID landscape for the performing arts

15 Leaders

in the arts industry participated

1,300 people

registered for the day-long event

Lunch & Learn Series

Peabody partnered with the academic leadership of peer conservatories to present an educational series spotlighting excellent teaching and innovative pedagogy, including sessions on Diversity and Anti-Racism in the Conservatory Sector and Trauma Informed Pedagogy


sessions delivered


unique registrants

61 presenters

from 27 different conservatories, symphonies, and arts organizations

Interdisciplinary Experience

The Peabody Institute and Johns Hopkins Medicine continue their partnership to co-create site-specific arts programs in high-stress clinical environments

650 listeners

logged in to virtual programs

58 patients

visited the Peabody clinic

4 health workshop delivered

covering topics from mindfulness to nutrition

10% of Undergraduates

enrolled as dual-degree students

12 Hopkins at Home classes

taught by Peabody faculty and available to the public

Fred Bronstein

Fred Bronstein, Dean of the Peabody Institute

This was an extraordinary year at Peabody — one that taught us countless lessons. We have learned how to effectively leverage technology, expand our view of the performance experience, and be even more appreciative of what it means to be able to gather and participate in person.

Thanks to the wonderful donors, like you, who support Peabody, we have continued to thrive and meet obstacles with resilience and grace . Thank you for being a part of this last year and for helping us find new ways to meet our mission of providing a performing arts education that ensures our graduates have the tools to pursue meaningful careers, to enrich their communities, and to be leaders for change.

Your generosity inspires our students to innovate and create, knowing that there is a dedicated audience committed to their art. I am proud of the tremendous flexibility, creativity, and good spirit I have witnessed from our faculty, staff, and students who have united to fulfill Peabody’s mission during these most challenging times. I hope you are proud of the important work your giving inspires every day at Peabody.

It is my pleasure to share the impact of your philanthropy over the 2020–21 academic year in this report. I could not be more excited about our direction, through Peabody’s Breakthrough Plan 2024, to train a new generation of artists dedicated to excellence, innovation, and a more diverse and equitable world through music and dance. I look forward to seeing you all on campus soon for in-person performances and events. Thank you for your support of Peabody and our students.