All students who borrow through the Federal Direct Loan program are required to complete exit counseling before they leave school. Exit counseling provides borrowers with important information about student loan repayment, deferment, discharge and consolidation.

Students may fulfill their exit counseling requirement in one of 2 ways:

  1. Complete an exit counseling session online at Since this site will provide you with specific information about the types and amounts of Federal loans you have borrowed, you will be asked to identify yourself using your Department of Education PIN. If you do not remember your PIN, you can retrieve it using the PIN registration site at At the completion of your exit counseling session, please print the confirmation page and send it to the Peabody Financial Aid Office.
  2. To arrange for individual exit counseling, please request support through  SEAM’s online form .

If you also borrowed a Federal Perkins loan, you will be contacted by the JHU Student Loan Office with instructions for completing exit counseling for the Perkins loan program. You must complete both sessions. You must also complete exit counseling if you are returning to Peabody in a new degree program. Students who fail to complete exit counseling will be placed on the stop-list grades and transcripts.

If you have any questions, please request support through  SEAM’s online form .