Change in Financial Circumstances/ Professional Judgment

In some cases, current students will encounter unforeseen financial circumstances that may jeopardize continued enrollment. Such situations include loss of income, death of a wage earner or unexpected medical expenses not covered by insurance. Peabody makes every effort to provide assistance to students who qualify; however, due to limited resources, it is not possible to provide assistance to every eligible student. If you would like to request a review of your financial aid based on any of these or similar circumstances, please contact the Peabody Financial Aid Office about the professional judgment process. The process requires the submission of a detailed personal statement outlining the circumstance(s) for the appeal and the amount of additional funding being sought. Depending on the nature of your appeal, the Financial Aid Office may request supporting documents and a detailed explanation here:

Note: Merit scholarships are not typically adjusted after matriculation. However, additional need-based aid may be granted if eligible, based on a thorough review of the student’s individual circumstances as documented in an appeal. Any new financial aid offered as a result of our review could also consist of grants, work-study or loans.

Peabody also has a limited emergency fund to address urgent situations that fall outside of what can be addressed through financial aid, including technology needs. Emergency funds are approved on a case-by-case basis and are based on financial need and availability of funds. For consideration of financial assistance, apply here:

Unusual Circumstances

Unusual circumstances refer to conditions that may warrant an adjustment to your dependency status when completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Unusual circumstances may include, but are not limited to, parental abandonment, refugee or asylee status, incarcerations. It is important to note that financial self-sufficiency alone does not constitute an unusual circumstance.

There are two ways in which you can pursue your unusual circumstances request.

1. Unusual Circumstances Request Form

Please complete this form and attach any relevant documentation along with your submission.

Acceptable documentation may include:

  • Court order or official Federal or State documentation that your parent(s) are incarcerated; Statements from an attorney, guardian ad litem, court-appointed special advocate, or a representative of TRIO or GEAR UP program that confirms your circumstances, and their relationship to you;
  • Other third-party testimonials;
  • A documented determination of independence made by a financial aid representative at another institution in the current or prior academic year; 
  • Utility bills, health insurance, or other documents that demonstrate your separation from parents or legal guardians;
  • Any other relevant supporting documents. 


2. Schedule an appointment with Financial Aid

What Happens Next

Once you have submitted the request form and/or spoken with your financial aid adviser, you will be notified of a final decision within two or three weeks. Additional guidance will be provided at that time.