How many students are in the Peabody saxophone studio?

I usually like to carry 12-14 saxophone majors in the department.

How many saxophonists do you accept every year?

That depends on how many are graduating. I usually have 2-3 freshman and 1-2 graduate students in each incoming class.

What should I play at my audition?

Saxophone applicants should prepare two etudes of contrasting styles, two contrasting movements from a major sonata and (optional) one movement of a standard concerto. Considerable latitude is permitted in the choice of audition materials and saxophonists are urged to perform repertoire which best represents their performance level and musical taste. In an audition I look for many things: beauty of tone, technical ability, musical communication, and personality are a few. I encourage all students interested in Peabody to come for a live audition. Click here for information regarding admissions to Peabody.

What is an average week like for a saxophone student?

Saxophone majors all have a private lesson, a chamber music coaching, and a repertoire class with me every week. In addition, students are rotated into the wind ensemble and orchestra as needed and can audition for the various jazz groups. Classes are of course added to this. Click here for more information regarding student life at Peabody.

Are there other performing opportunities off campus?

Absolutely. Many saxophonists perform regularly off campus at various venues within walking distance of Peabody. These are all set up by the student, with help from me, and are an important part of the training in my studio.

Is it possible to get a double degree from the Johns Hopkins University and Peabody?

Many saxophonists have been accepted into the double degree program between the Johns Hopkins University Homewood division and the Peabody Conservatory division. This is a true double degree program with classes taken both at the Homewood campus and Peabody. Click here for information regarding the double degree program.

Of course, as a division of the Johns Hopkins University, Peabody offers its students the capability of taking a multitude of courses at the Homewood campus.

Is there a jazz department?

While I teach the classical side of the instrument, I encourage all my students to get involved in the vibrant jazz program while they are here. Click here for information on the jazz program.

Other questions?

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