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French Horn Audition Repertoire


Choose one of the following:

  • Mozart 2nd Horn Concerto in E-flat, 1st movement
  • Mozart 4th Horn Concerto in E-flat, 1st movement
  • Strauss Concerto No. 1, 1st movement
  • Franz Strauss Concerto, 1st movement

Excerpts—choose three of the following:

  • Brahms 3, slow movement
  • Strauss Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks, opening
  • Tchaikovsky 5, slow movement solo
  • Tchaikovsky 4, opening
  • Beethoven 3, trio second horn
  • Beethoven 6, Scherzo and opening of 5th movement
  • Shostakovich 5, low tutti
  • Wagner GötterdĂ€mmerung, Short Call


Choose two of the following:

  • Mozart 4th Horn Concerto
  • Strauss 2nd Horn Concerto
  • Rosetti No. 2, 1st movement
  • Bach Cello Suite No. 1, Courante (Wendell Hoss edition)

Three of the following excerpts:

  • Strauss Ein Heldenleben, opening
  • Wagner GötterdĂ€mmerung, Short Call
  • Strauss Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks, opening
  • Ravel Pavanne for a Dead Princess
  • Shostakovich 5, low tutti and 1st movement solo
  • Beethoven 9, 4th horn solo

Artist Diploma

AD applicants must prepare a program of no less than 70 minutes duration, representing at least three style periods and including at least two large-scale works.