Which subjects have online review courses?

Music History, Music Theory, and Ear Training.

Who has to take these classes?

In order to take graduate Music Theory and Music History seminars, incoming students must pass either the corresponding placement exam or review class. If you do not pass the placement exam for Music History or Music Theory, then the review course for that subject is the best option for satisfying this requirement.

While passing the Ear-Training requirement is not a pre-requisite for seminars, it is necessary to earn the Masters degree.

While taking a review course may seem like a hassle, the point of these courses is to strengthen your knowledge and fluency so that you benefit the most from your time at Peabody.

When do the courses run?

There are two sessions for review courses – summer and fall.

The summer session runs at double-speed for seven weeks. For Summer 2024, it will run June 17–August 4. The Ear Training Review Course runs one extra week, ending August 9. You do not have to take the summer session of the course. If you place into a review course, you may study on your own over the summer and retake the test in August.

The fall session runs during the 14-week fall semester. The review classes are still online, but they run concurrently with all fall courses. If you place into a review course after the August testing period, you automatically will be enrolled in that review class. Postponing seminar enrollment any later puts you at risk of not graduating on time.

Is there an advantage to the summer session over the fall session?

The advantage to the summer session is completing the requirements early. If you know that you need or want to take a review class, the summer session is a way to satisfy the requirement and begin taking seminars when you arrive at Peabody. Also, depending on what you are doing for the summer, you may have more time then to focus on a review class.

Please note that, depending on the country you are in for the summer and its government policies, some course material may not be available since external links may be blocked. This should not preclude you from registering for the course, but know that you may run into occasional issues.

Are these courses self-paced?

No. While there is flexibility, they are not self-paced. There are assignments due at regular intervals, and you have to submit the assignments on time for grading and feedback.

The Music History class has assignments due at the end of each week. There are practice exercises to do throughout the week, and you have flexibility until the end of the week. By Friday, however, the assignments must be submitted. For Music Theory, there is homework due every day during the summer session or every other day during the fall semester. For Ear Training, there is homework due every day in both the summer and fall semesters (Tuesday through Friday). While you can do the homework any time during the day, it is due each night at midnight.

How much time do the courses take?

The classes are analogous to three-credit courses. Each requires approximately 2-3 hours between “classes.” During the fall semester, this corresponds to 2-3 hours of work every two days. During the summer, this corresponds to 2-3 hours each day.

How are the courses graded?

Since they are preparation for other classes, all three review courses are Pass/Fail. They show up as zero-credits on your transcript, and they do not factor into your GPA.

How much do review courses cost?

Each review course costs $1,800.

Enrollment Policy

Registration Opens: May 28
Recommended Register-By Date: June 13
Last Day to Register: June 20
Last Day to Drop with Delete from Transcript: June 28
Last Day to Withdraw: July 12

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