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Please allow 3-5 business days for processing requests.

IDR courses must be taken for credit, not audit.

Course drop and withdrawal deadlines for the visited division such as Homewood/ASEN apply instead of Peabody’s deadlines.

Eligible Peabody students may request to take courses at Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Whiting School of Engineering, the Carey Business School, the School of Education, and, depending upon program of study requirements, the School of Nursing, during fall and spring semesters. Part-time students should note that course costs will be charged by the visited institution. Additionally, Summer and Intersession courses are not included in full time Peabody tuition and will result in additional charges.

To begin the process, an Interdivisional Registration (IDR) form and the appropriate approvals must be submitted.

The online form allows for e-mail approvals to be uploaded as attachments. Paper copies of the form are also available from the Peabody Office of the Registrar.


Written approvals are need from the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Director of Advising, and, in most instances, from the instructor of the course.

For example, instructor permission is required when a course is full, or if there are course prerequisites that must be evaluated prior to registration. In addition, since students at the host campus (campus to be visited) have priority over Peabody students for spaces, it is recommended that Peabody students obtain instructor permission in advance. In the alternative, Peabody students may still submit the form without this, or submit it, and then provide written instructor permission prior to the course start, but it may result in additional delays.

If approvals are obtained after a form is submitted, please contact us.


  1. Search SIS for available courses and prerequisites at the campus that you wish to visit for study.
  2. It is recommended that you obtain the necessary written approvals in advance. Email approval is acceptable.
  3. Complete the online Interdivisional Registration Form. The form provides an option to attach documentation such as email permission from the instructor of the course. It is recommended that students obtain permission from the instructor in advance of completing the form. Forms submitted without instructor permission can be submitted, but if the course fills with students from the visiting campus or there is some question about course prerequisites, requests may be declined by the visiting campus’ Registrar’s Office.
  4. Completed forms with the necessary approval, are entered into the Interdivisional Registration request system for review by the visited division’s Office of the Registrar. Other divisions typically begin processing Peabody students’ requests in early August for the fall semester, and early January for the spring semester. As such, it is possible that a course may have spaces available when the form is submitted, but become full when the visited division begins processing. Please plan ahead.
  5. Receive the results of your request via SIS notification when the visited campus’ Registrar’s Office completes processing.


Forms may be submitted as early as the preregistration period for the home institution. However, the visited institution will not begin registration for Peabody students until a few weeks before the start of courses. For the fall semester, Peabody students’ registration at the visited institution is usually in early August. In the spring semester, Peabody students’ registration at the visited institution is usually in early January.

Students must follow the host (division where you are taking a course) division’s deadlines for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from courses. Courses taken at other JHU divisions must be taken for a letter grade. Visited campuses do not permit Peabody students to join SIS wait lists for courses at the visited campus.


To avoid being declined for a course, please check the following before submitting your interdivisional course request:

Alerts/Holds—check your SIS account for any alerts about holds and clear them with the appropriate office. Holds may prevent your ability to register.

Prerequisites—check the course description for any prerequisites. Peabody students often have to contact the course instructor to provide information as to what coursework or other preparation methods they have had that they believe will satisfy prerequisites. If the instructor agrees that the prerequisites have been met, then obtain that permission in writing via email or signature If requirements are not met, and approval has not been received, your request will be declined.

Approval Required—check the course description for any additional approval requirements. Approvals must be obtained and submitted with the IDR request or the request will be declined.

Course Status—students will be declined if a course section is full. If a section is full, you must submit a new interdivisional course request. To check the status of a section, search  and the status (open or closed) is listed on the far right.