Students must complete most of the requirements for a degree or diploma through credits earned for courses taken at Peabody as a matriculated student.  However, students may transfer some credits taken at accredited post-secondary schools or through the accelerated testing of recognized providers (such as the College Board or International Baccalaureate).

Transfer credits are accepted pending the submission of necessary documentation to the Office of the Registrar and in consultation with the Office of Academic Affairs.  Peabody can only transfer credits for students who have already matriculated into degree or diploma programs.  New students are welcome to contact the Office of Academic Affairs before enrolling but will not be able to begin the process of transferring credits until after enrolling in classes. 

Students who are interested in earning credit from an internship should submit a proposal to  the Office of Academic Affairs.

Like most conservatories, Peabody does not accept transfer credits for lessons, juries, or recitals.  For undergraduate transfer students, the year of study (sophomore or junior) is determined by the department at the time of the audition and validated by the year-end departmental jury.  Peabody does not accept transfer credits for ensembles.  Performance majors must participate in ensembles in every semester of instruction, and transfer students must participate in ensembles for at least two years. Additional requirements for transfer credit may be found in the Academic Catalog.

Students interested in taking classes at an outside institution with the purpose of transferring credit to Peabody should contact the Director of Advising to discuss their plans. Students should then fill out the Outside Credit Pre-Approval form for each class they plan to take at an outside institution.

After completing approved classes at an outside institution, students should have an official transcript from the institution sent to the Peabody Conservatory Registrar:

Conservatory Registrar’s Office
The Peabody Institute
1 E. Mt. Vernon Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21202