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Qualified Peabody undergraduates have the option of applying to complete a master’s degree in one additional year of study after they complete their bachelor’s degree. The selection process takes place at the end of the third full year of study. Transfer students may not apply. The admission process includes academic and performance elements as well as the recommendation of the faculty. Students selected for the program maintain their initial financial assistance levels throughout the five years of study.

The selection process for both the BM/MM and BMRA/MA programs is managed by the Office of Academic Affairs. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, in consultation with faculty and the administration, makes the final decisions about admittance to the five-year programs. Because the selection process considers the results of the 309 jury, the final decisions are not announced until all spring grades have been recorded.

Five Year BM/MM

Undergraduate students may apply for admittance to the BM/MM program in the academic year in which they are scheduled to perform their 309 jury or junior recital (or, for composition majors, in their junior year) by submitting an application and faculty recommendations to the Office of Academic Affairs by May 1 of that year.

Admittance to the BM/MM program is limited to outstanding performers with excellent academic records. The minimum requirements for applying are:

  1. An average of A- and above in all major lessons and juries
  2. Grades of B+ or higher in each of the following areas: two or more semesters of the core music history courses; four or more semesters of the core music theory courses; two or more semesters of ear-training/sight-singing courses; and two or more semesters of keyboard skills courses
  3. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50
  4. Placement on the Dean’s List (a cumulative GPA of 3.67 or higher) for a minimum of four semesters
  5. Two letters of recommendation (one of which must be from the major teacher) submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs, either in hard copy form or via email to the Academic Program Coordinator

Admittance into the BM/MM program includes the proviso that a student’s fourth and fifth years of performance or composition study be with a single studio teacher unless there are circumstances that require special arrangements to be made by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Students who wish to complete a BM in performance or composition and then earn an MM in musicology, music theory pedagogy, or performance/pedagogy are also eligible to apply for this program.

Five Year BMRA/MA

Qualified students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music in Recording Arts (BMRA) program have the option of applying to complete the Master of Arts degree in Audio Sciences in their fifth year of study.

Admittance to the BMRA/MA program requires the same prerequisites as admission to the BM/MM program but also requires a recommendation from the Recording Arts faculty. Unlike the Bachelor of Music in Performance or Composition, the BMRA is already a five-year degree program. Admission to the BMRA/MA does not extend financial aid arrangements beyond the fifth year of study, nor does it guarantee continued major lessons in performance or composition.