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Hire Peabody Performers

Submit a Musician Referral or Job Posting Request. 

If you have questions or are unable to use the Musician Referral/Job Posting Request Forms, please email us at or call us at 667-208-6595.

Musician Referral Service

We refer outstanding Peabody student and alumni musicians to perform at diverse occasions, such as recitals, weddings, parties, church services, receptions, and other events in the Baltimore and Washington, DC regions. Our carefully selected roster includes top-notch classical and jazz musicians, soloists and ensembles, including harpists, string quartets, pianists, singers, guitarists, wind and brass players, jazz combos, and more. Please fill out the form below to submit an inquiry.

If you’re seeking a music teacher, please see the instructional programs available from the Peabody Preparatory and Adult and Continuing Education divisions.

Peabody Students: To become eligible for referral, your major teacher must recommend you by sending an email to Peabody Career Services at

Recent Peabody Alumni: To be considered for referral, email us a link to your website. Please note that our referral service is primarily designed to serve current students and Baltimore-area alumni within 5 years of graduation.

  • Musician Referral Request Form

    -Please use this form to request referrals to Peabody Musicians. We’ll reply with names, contact info, and websites of musicians that fit your request.
    -You then contact the musicians we refer to discuss pricing and availability.
    -Please note: our office doesn’t set prices; however, the musicians we refer perform at professional levels and earn professional fees.
  • Please feel free to include any other relevant information in the box below.

Job Postings

If you’d like us to consider posting information about a job or internship vacancy in the Baltimore-Washington region, you may submit your request by filling out the form below. Our local job listings page and Facebook feed primarily serve current Peabody students and recent alumni. As a free service, we cannot guarantee posting, but will do our best assist you.

  • Job Posting Request Form

    Please note that we do not print, post nor distribute paper notices, and we ask that you do not send PDF documents, as the text they contain is not suitable for electronic transfer. Any questions can be sent to
  • This information is for our reference only - it does not need to be posted publicly.
  • Please include:
    -Position start date
    -Employer or program profile (1 or 2 sentences)
    -Job summary
    -Job duties and hours
    -Required and preferred qualifications
    -Compensation and benefits
    -Application procedure - e.g. email a cover letter and resume

Notice: Peabody Career Services maintains this website as a service to Peabody students & alumni. Announcements and external sites can be accessed via this site, but our making these resources available does not constitute an endorsement by Peabody or JHU of the companies publishing those announcements and sites. Site users should check the credentials of any employer and contact our office with questions. Peabody and JHU are also not responsible for any misinformation that might be found on external sites nor for the results obtained from the use of this information.