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Hana Morford, Conductor

Emphasizing the fundamentals of large ensemble playing, the String Ensemble is an ideal first orchestral experience for late elementary through intermediate students of violin, viola, cello, and double bass in elementary and middle school or up to age 14. Rehearsals will focus on the mastery of string orchestra techniques, listening, following, leadership, rhythm, and blend of sound. The intense preparation of repertoire culminates in the performance of a Fall and Spring concert.

New and continuing students must audition for acceptance and placement in the orchestra. Auditions are open to all interested students but priority will be given to those in individual instruction at the Preparatory. Only students in individual instruction at the Preparatory are eligible to participate in Preparatory recitals or competitions, including the String Ensemble Competition.

Auditions for New and Continuing String Ensemble Members

Audition Date: Saturday, June 9, 2018


Sign up for an audition by registering online.

Audition Requirements

One Piece

  • Recommended minimum repertoire levels:
    • Violin:  Suzuki Book 4
    • Viola:  Suzuki Book 3
    • Cello:  Suzuki Book 3
    • Double Bass:  By teacher recommendation
  • Memorization not required.


  • Bowings:  2, 3, 4 and 6 notes per bow, staccato and legato.
  • Keys as follows:
    • Violin:  2 octave C or D major in 3rd position and 2 octave B-flat major in 1st position.  (G major three octave scale recommended by not mandatory.)
    • Viola:  1 octave C or D major in 3rd position and 1 octave B-flat major in 1st position
    • Cello:  2 octave C, D, and G major
    • Double Bass:  1 octave B-flat, C and D major


Beginning understanding of spiccato. 

Please note:  Sight-reading is a very important orchestral skill and will be emphasized.  Playing the recommended repertoire does not guarantee acceptance.


Once you’re ready to register for classes and/or individual instruction, please visit our registration page.