Vocal instruction is available to children and adults of all experience levels—from beginners through the most advanced levels of study. Lessons are scheduled at our Downtown, Towson, Howard County, and Annapolis Peabody Preparatory locations on an individual basis and are contingent upon teacher availability.

Private Voice Lessons

All new students interested in private lessons must  schedule a placement audition by calling 667-208-6640. Registering online for private voice lessons alone without going through placement auditions will not guarantee you a spot.

The placement audition is a friendly opportunity for voice faculty to hear you and assess the best course of study for your age, stage, and goals.   Be prepared to sing at the audition and bring a music score for the pianist, if needed. You can also sing something unaccompanied (ex: a folk song, Happy Birthday, or America the Beautiful).   After the placement audition, students will either be placed with a private teacher (depending on availability of the faculty) or recommended for a group voice class.   

Teens & Adults

Our teen and adult Voice Lessons are appropriate for students 13 years and older who show vocal potential, have some musical/vocal experience,  and wish to develop their voice.  Students in the program have the opportunity to rehearse their songs with a staff pianist; to sing in Vocal Repertoire Classes (Master Classes with the voice faculty);  and to perform in Voice Department Recitals. Outstanding students will be selected to audition for and participate in the Vocal Performance Academy, or Honors or Vella Silver Recitals.


Our “Songbird” program has been specifically created to serve the needs of young singers 9-12 years old who wish to study voice.  Students will work on healthy and age-appropriate  skills through a curated song curriculum to prepare them for a lifetime of vocal and musical study.  Students will have the opportunity to perform at the end of each semester.

Chorus Plus Voice Lessons

Chorus Plus lessons are exclusively for members of Peabody Children’s Chorus, ages 9 and older.

Group Classes


Sight Reading for Singers

For the novice score-reader, or experienced reader in need of practice, this course will present techniques and drills to strengthen skills in reading music at sight in practical ways to use in rehearsals, particularly for choral singers.  Topics covered will include building blocks of rhythm and of melody; intervals; simple and compound meter; basics of harmony; keys and scales; and tips and tricks to put it all together. Students are expected to practice between sessions for maximum benefit. 

Acting for Singers (Fall & Spring)

Explore acting  skills including stage movement and text analysis and how they can be applied specifically to singing more epressively. More information  in our online catalog.  Open to all singers (you do not have to study with a Peabody Preparatory voice teacher to participate).

Audition Preparation & Techniques (Fall only)

Successful auditions begin with solid preparation. Students will have the opportunity to hone their skills and build confidence with mock auditions, feedback, and coaching. Discussion topics will include how to manage nerves, how to prepare music copies, what to wear, what to say, and other practical skills. This class is ideal for those preparing to audition for magnet schools or college as well as generally improving skills and confidence for  auditions for solos and shows.  Open to all singers (you do not have to study with a Peabody Preparatory voice teacher to participate).

Once you’re ready to register for classes and/or individual instruction, please visit our registration page. For a listing of all our voice classes and individual instruction opportunities, see our Voice Department course offerings.

Basics of Singing

Basics of Singing group classes introduce age-appropriate fundamentals of vocal technique and build musical skills to enable a smooth transition into future private voice study. These small, friendly classes serve as an excellent starting point for those who have not sung before, or as a “refresher course” for those who may not have sung in several years.

Basics of Singing 1

This class is most appropriate for children ages 9 – 12 who are interested in singing. Children are grouped together with their peers in a semi-private environment. Children will learn about proper breathing and posture, support, projection; basic theory and sight singing; and will learn age appropriate vocal repertoire.

Basics of Singing 2

This class is most appropriate for teens ages 13 – 17 with little previous vocal experience.  Grouped together with their peers in a semi-private environment, students will be introduced to elements of vocal technique, music fundamentals, preparing a song (memorizing, translating, and interpreting), and performance practice and etiquette.

Basics of Singing 3

This is a small group class for adults who would like an introduction to vocal technique, sight singing, diction, and song preparation.


Additional Studies

Peabody Children's Chorus

The Peabody Children's Chorus has several different groups for students of different ages and capabilities selected by audition in June prior to each school year. For students who do not fit exactly into the requirements for Fundamentals Classes or Private Lessons, the Chorus is a wonderful alternative to learn about performing with a group, sight-singing, memorization, etc. Students who are enrolling in Group Classes or Private Lessons and who have time for extra commitments may also be interested in the Chorus.

Theory or Piano Lessons

Students who want to take Private Voice Lessons but have never learned to read music should consider theory or piano lessons to build the musical skills necessary for studying vocal repertoire. Private Voice Lesson time should not be filled by excessive repetition of notes to teach songs to students who cannot learn the music themselves; rather it should be spent on vocal technique. The theory department offers classes in sight-singing which would be particularly helpful for voice students.