Piano Repertoire Class Schedule – Fall 2023

What is a Repertoire Class?

A Repertoire Class, or a Master Class is a class in which (usually) one instructor listens to several students play solos that are close to or at performance level. The instructor then gives technical and/or musical advice as in a lesson and the audience learns by listening, observing, and applying any suggestions to their own practice. It is very important for musicians of all levels to have several such performances prior to performing in a formal concert. This is your chance to listen to and support your colleagues, to try out a new piece, to get some feedback from a different perspective, to hear repertoire you have yet to play, and to learn. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity at the Preparatory.

●     Fee: There is no fee. The cost is included in your individual instruction tuition.
●     Any member of the Preparatory community is welcome to listen to any Repertoire Class.

Repertoire Classes

Repertoire Classes are offered at the Peabody campus (downtown) some Saturdays between 2pm and 4pm; the faculty rotates.

●     Students may sign up to perform in every other Repertoire Class.
●     Students must have their teacher’s permission to sign up to perform in a Rep Class.
●     All performers must stay for the entire class.
●     All students are encouraged to attend all Repertoire Classes, or to come to an agreement with their private teacher on an appropriate number of classes to attend.
●     Repertoire Class faculty are encouraged to let students from other studios sign up first and have their own students perform if space is available.
●     Dress for Repertoire classes is concert casual: No jeans, t-shirts, or athletic shoes.

How to sign up for Repertoire Classes

●     Sign up for ALL Repertoire classes is now ONLINE!
●     Click HERE for Repertoire Class Schedules.

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Guest Master Classes

Each year we invite several artists to give Guest Master Classes for the Preparatory. Student performers are invited by the Piano Department Chair at the recommendation of the faculty. Fliers for Guest Master Classes will be posted on the Piano Bulletin Board and distributed to faculty.