Additional Information

Our philosophy is simple: for children (along with their parents and caregivers) to begin to experience and enjoy the gift of music making. The first years of life are critical to a child’s music development.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to make the most of this time while guiding your child toward a lifelong enjoyment and understanding of music. Through all levels of our program, children absorb, imitate, and model developmentally appropriate musical behaviors from a highly skilled and caring faculty. Over time, they learn to sing in tune and move rhythmically—the two basic vocabularies of music. Through listening, singing, moving, dancing, and playing to a wide variety of songs and chants, children and parents learn the joys of making music together. All activities are designed to be fun and appropriate to a child’s developmental level.

Age Requirements and Class Minimums

Please adhere to the age requirements set for each class in the online course catalog. With the exception of infants, children should meet the minimum age by the first day of class. All Early Childhood classes have a minimum enrollment of five students.

An additional non-refundable $20 materials fee per semester will automatically be charged with registration.

Sally’s Music Circle®

CDs and song books from Sally’s Music Circle® are provided for class enrollees in Music for Toddlers up through Music for Young Singers and Movers. Sally Weaver, Ph.D. in music education and founder/director of a comprehensive early childhood music program for thousands of children in the Philadelphia area, has produced a series of recordings with music in a rich variety of musical contexts, styles, and world cultures. The CD provides parents and children with valuable and enjoyable listening experiences.