Interruption of Degree Work

Leave Of Absence (LOA) is an approved interruption of a degree program that is subject to a fixed duration and/or specific requirements for return.

A withdrawal is a complete departure from the Conservatory and its degree programs and can only be reversed through the mechanisms of re-audition and petition of the relevant academic committee.

Before requesting a leave or withdrawal, it is important that a student connect with the Student Case Manager.

Leave of Absence

A student must submit a request for a leave of absence. Examples of reasons for a leave of absence include: personal circumstances, military service (foreign or domestic), professional opportunities, or missionary work.  A student may opt to take a medical leave of absence (MLOA) to devote their attention to medical care and treatment when physical or mental health difficulties impact their ability to participate in academic activities. Students who take medical leaves of absence provide medical documentation to the Student Case Manager, who will give support and connect them to resources.

If the leave is granted, the leave will be made for a fixed duration of either one semester or one year. During that time, the student may not be enrolled as a full-time student at another institution. Any credits earned at another institution during the leave must be approved for transfer by Academic Advising in consultation with department chairs.


A student must submit a request for withdrawal from the Conservatory. This action will result in the closure of the student record. If a student withdraws after the drop period and before the end of the semester, the grades for that semester will be recorded as W. If a student has IP grades when they withdraw, they will be marked NCR.

More details including necessary request forms are available on ‘The Nest’ in the Case Management section, under Student Affairs.

Student Case Manager, Deb Gould can be reached via email at [email protected]