Peabody alumni artists pursue a variety of career paths and often combine multiple artistic roles and interests. We’re excited to feature several alumni interviews, where they share their perspectives on how past experiences, opportunities, and community support have shaped their professional lives today. If you’re interested to hear more from these alumni, many of them are also featured in LAUNCHPad’s Max Q Podcast and Creative Wire Blog!

Destin Beaumont (he/him)
Audio Engineer, French Horn Player

Destin Beaumont (MM ‘23, horn; MA ‘24, audio sciences) discusses his approach for simultaneously pursuing music production and french horn performance, how he landed a record deal, and his reimagined version of success.

Jordan Chase (he/him)
Professor, Composer, Engraver, Orchestrator, Arranger

Jordan Chase (DMA ‘20, composition) describes challenges he overcame stemming from a later start in music, the moment he discovered the possibility of being a composer, and serendipitous opportunities evolving from interpersonal networks.

Teng Chen (she/her)
Audio Engineer

Teng Chen (BM ’17, piano performance/recording arts and sciences; MA '17, acoustical studies) provides insights into how she began gaining professional experience during her student years. She also shares the importance of being flexible in one's career path and finding a good work-life balance.

Camille Delaney-McNeil
Arts Administrator, Flutist, Singer, Educator

Camille Delaney-McNeil (MM '11, flute) discusses her shift from a performance-focused career to an arts administration career. She also highlights the importance of seeking out experiences outside one's major as a student, maintaining relationships, and finding a good mentor during any career stage.

Ledah Finck (she/her)
Performer, Composer, Chamber Musician, Violinist/Violist

Ledah Finck (MM '16, violin; MM ‘18, violin/composition) emphasizes the role of community in her artistic journey. From her time as a student at Peabody to her formation of the Bergamot Quartet, she has immersed herself in collaborations and attended arts events in her local area. She also addresses her eclectic cross-genre influences and the ongoing process of managing performance anxiety.

Ui-Seng François (she/her)
Storyteller, Dancer, Actress, Writer, Creative Director, Photographer, Videographer, Educator

Ui-Seng François (BFA ‘23, dance) shares her experience combining dance, acting, and music, expanding her network by sharing work online, and creating structure and routine to hold herself accountable in her professional/artistic work.

Rush Johnston (they/them)
Artistic Director of Kaleid Dance Collective
Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Filmmaker

Rush Johnston (BFA ‘22, dance) provides insights into their journey towards a practice focused on interdisciplinary choreography that incorporates their own identity. They also describe how their struggles with mental health have shaped themes in their current work, as well as the impact and longevity of collaborative relationships.

Lily Josefsberg
Orchestral Musician

Lily Josefsberg (MM ‘17 & GPD ‘18, piccolo) shares the importance of having a support system for staying positive, as well as how a shift in mindset towards playing the piccolo for her own fulfillment and love of the instrument, rather than to compete with others, improved her performance in auditions.

Elizabeth Massey (she/her)
Teacher, Musicologist, Bassoonist

Elizabeth Massey (MM '15, bassoon/musicology) discusses the expansion of her studies into musicology, her approach building networks based on respect, and how she is inspired to frame her career around doing good for others and making positive contributions to the arts field.

Paula Maust
Music Theory Professor, Harpsichordist

Paula Maust (DMA ’19 & MM ’16, harpsichord) shares how her professional ensemble emerged from her many collaborations as a student, how both influential mentors and peer networks contributed to propelling her early career, and the importance she places on reflecting her social values through scholarship.

Dmytro Nebesh (he/him)
Audio Designer, Sound Designer, Composer

Dmytro Nebesh (BM ‘22, music for new media) describes how he continues to learn audio production techniques through extended networks online while refining these skills through close, personal networks. He also highlights the importance of work-life balance, even when working your dream job.

Luis Ozoria
Trumpeter, Educator, Composer

Luis Ozoria (MM '23, jazz studies) shares how his struggles with formal education have turned into a passion for teaching. He also discusses the close connections he made with faculty and mentors which has helped him create meaningful career goals for himself.

Melody Quah (she/her)
Pianist, Music Educator

Melody Quah (DMA ‘17, piano) discusses her experience moving around the world to advance her musical career, the impact of the many collaborations she has been a part of, the process of recovery from medical issues that limited her playing, and her work expanding piano repertoire by commissioning Southeast Asian composers.

Christopher Salvito (he/him)
Percussionist, Composer, Multidisciplinary Artist

Christopher Salvito (MM ‘16, percussion) shares about his surprising career trajectory, the importance of aesthetically informed, detailed documentation, and continuing to learn after graduating through an inspiring artistic community.

Sarah Thomas (she/her)
Violinist, Educator, Arts Administrator

Sarah Thomas (MM ‘19, violin) describes the importance of exploring varied interests as a student, the ongoing process of balancing the ups and downs of performing and administrative careers, and her current goal for finding a fulfilling balance between the different types of work she does.

Claire Galloway Weber (she/her)
Soprano, Educator, Somatic Coach

Claire Galloway Weber (MM ‘15, voice) highlights the importance of growing from experiences that at first seem like failures. She also shares how she has gone about effectively creating social media content that has resulted in expanded networks and job opportunities. Plus she describes her shift in goals away from getting hired by a regional opera house and towards deepening her connections and finding stability within her community.

Julien Xuereb
Guitarist, Singer, Composer, Songwriter

Julien Xuereb (MM ‘15 & GPD ‘17, guitar) discusses his start with community engagement in retirement homes, overcoming medical issues that impact his playing, and how he finds the time to pursue fulfilling musical projects.