Sponsored by the Young People’s String Program

Help a child to enjoy a week of musical growth and creativity at Camp Allegro.

Every summer the Prep’s string department runs a camp at our Towson branch for children who want to get together and make music. Sounds of our violin and cello groups fill the campus all morning. Dance sessions connect young musicians to a sister art that brings rhythms and feelings into motion. Self expression is further enhanced by an art project. Musicians meet in a large ensemble, the Camp Allegro Orchestra, to end the day with a collaboration that brings out their musical best.

On the last day of camp, our small and large ensembles take the stage to show the amazing amount they have accomplished in one week of intensive work. The after concert reception includes the visual treat of a display of the week’s art work, and is a festive celebration of student achievement.

We were very happy last year when we started a scholarship fund, and were able to bring students to Camp Allegro who otherwise would not have been able to attend.

We would like to make it part of the camp’s mission to include such students every year.

Tuition for Camp Allegro is $445. There are always children who could benefit from a week at camp, but who cannot afford the tuition.

Please make a gift today to our scholarship fund!