In collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Ear, Nose & Throat and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation departments, all incoming undergraduate and graduate dancers, instrumentalists, and singers are provided with baseline occupational health screenings at no cost. Participants receive a set of recommendations and educational materials on playing- or singing-related health and referrals for consultation, as needed. All screening results are confidential and are shared with the participant only. Screenings are intended to identify potential issues early in the course of academic study to provide a pathway to further assessment and care when indicated. 

Dancers receive the Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network’s preventive dance screens yearly, using the innovative DanceFIT screening tool. A customized non-invasive measurement protocol for instrumentalists evaluates basic aerobic fitness and upper limb musculo-skeletal health. Singers receive acoustic voiceprint, video-stroboscopic, postural, and musculo-skeletal screenings. Each participant is given recommendations and educational reading materials and/or referred for evaluation or consultation with an appropriate medical specialist as indicated in the screening results.

A curated list of reading and resources on subjects including performance anxiety, hearing protection, injury prevention for instrumentalists, voice care, and healthy computer use allows students, alumni, and others to access additional information specific to their interests and concerns.