Peabody Premiere provides students and alumni the opportunity create and release recordings of repertoire by composers whose work has been historically underrepresented in published recording catalogs. The label encourages Peabody artists to explore repertoire beyond the traditional canon and create recordings that will extend the reach of this repertoire.

All recordings are professionally recorded, engineered, and mastered by the Peabody Recording Arts Department. Recordings are archived at the Arthur Friedheim Library and made commercially available through Bandcamp. 

All musical scores for repertoire recorded will be held in the Arthur Friedheim Library when possible so that performers seeking new repertoire will be able to access scores and recordings to aid in their programming decisions. 

Peabody Premieres banner featuring Taylor Boykins mezzo soprano recording

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Peabody Premieres is now accepting project applications through April 30, 2023 for fall recording projects.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • All current Peabody students and alumni are eligible to apply.
  • Proposed projects must be repertoire by a composer who faced institutional barriers to having their work documented in published sound recordings.  This may include Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), women, or composers who identify as LGBTQIA individuals. Peabody Premieres recognizes that institutional barriers are both intersectional and contextual and invite proposals from all genres of music.  *
  • Works proposed should have three or fewer published sound recording interpretations available. We especially encourage proposals from works that have never been recorded.
  • At this time, only works for solo instrument up to five players are eligible.
  • Works may be from any period in musical history, including living composers.
  • Works must be either in the public domain or available for licensing directly from the composer/publishers.**

Arthur Friedheim Library invites interested applicants who may want additional resources to identify repertoire to propose to make an appointment with a research librarian.

Project Awards 

The Label advisory board will notify awardees of their acceptance by April 30, 2022.

Awardees will receive: 

  • Stipends will be awarded on the following schedule: 
  • Solo instruments: $350 
  • Duos: $500  
  • Trios: $600 
  • Quartets: $800 
  • Quintets: $1000 
  • Up to two four-hour professional recording sessions 
  • Support for mastering and additional recording as needed 
  • A copy of the final recording for their personal archives 

The Peabody Institute retains all rights to recordings on Peabody Premieres. Any revenue from streaming and sales of recordings will be reinvested into the label to fund future releases.  

All recordings must be approved by Dean Bronstein prior to release. Any recordings that are not approved for release may go through additional edits or become available for archival use only.  


* The Advisory Group acknowledges that the choice of language is important and recognizes that terminology is often changing to reflect community identities. The choice of language here is guided by resources developed at Johns Hopkins University and recommended by the Peabody DEI Steering Committee.

** Please note that composers may not be the copyright holders; for questions about research copyright status, contact Kathleen DeLaurenti, [email protected]

Advisory Group Members 

Kathleen DeLaurenti, Director, Arthur Friedheim Library 
Paula Boggs, Peabody Institute Advisory Board, Founder of Boggs Media, LLC
Juliano Aniceto, DMA ‘23
Gemma Baek, BM ‘22 
Jasmine Pigott, DMA ‘24 
Steven Spooner, Professor, Piano 
Lior Willinger, DMA ‘22 
Warren Wolf, Lecturer, Jazz