May 8, 2017: Dean’s Incentive Grants

The Dean’s Incentive Grants provide grant funding to seed faculty- and student-led projects that focus on innovation, interdisciplinary initiatives, or community partnerships to advance Peabody’s goals.  Faculty and students were asked to submit proposals for new initiatives, programs, events, or projects that fall into one or more of three categories, and of the dozen received, three were selected.

The recipients for the Spring 2017 Dean’s Incentive Grant are:

Yian Hwang
Graduate student, Computer Music
Category: Interdisciplinary, Innovation
Project: “The Trace of Life” – Create an interdisciplinary composition which explores issue of life and death by combining computer music composition, neuroscience, instrumental performance, visual arts and solo dance. Performances will be in Baltimore and in Taiwan.

Cynthia Sun
Undergraduate student, Piano Performance
Category: Interdisciplinary, Innovation
ProjectMeasuring Operating Forces in String Instruments – Develop a patentable device that can measure minimum operating forces in string instruments to reduce playing related injury.

Elijah Wirth
Preparatory Faculty – Theory, Wind Orchestra Conductor
Chair of Music Theory
Category: Community
Project: Concert Arrangements of Music by Historical Composers of Minority Descent – Edit, transcribe, and arrange music by historical prominent composers of minority descent for modern wind ensemble and make it available to be downloaded for free along with recordings made by the Preparatory Wind Orchestra.