Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association Heritage Award (2014)

Society of Peabody Alumni

Citation for the Peabody Alumni Association Heritage Award

Presented to

Taylor Hanex

October 17, 2014

The Heritage Award honors alumni and friends of the Johns Hopkins University who have contributed outstanding service over an extended period to the progress of the university or the activities of the Alumni Association.

You are the first alumna of Peabody to serve as a regular Johns Hopkins University Trustee, and as such you have been able to help foster a stronger bond between the University and its Conservatory. This unique role sets you apart as a trailblazer and valuable asset to the entire institution, and especially to Peabody.

Your contributions to the University are strengthened by your continued service as a member of the Peabody National Advisory Council. In this capacity, you are able to remain an active part of the Conservatory, as an observer and advisor to the Dean, helping to guide Peabody on its path as a preeminent Conservatory in the twenty-first century.

You serve beyond the walls as well by introducing new patrons to Peabody, showing them the genuinely valuable work done here, and ushering them into new roles as donors for the Institute. People who would otherwise have been unaware of the importance of the Conservatory and its significance as a cultural institution are now loyal benefactors for the school as its mission.

And as a donor yourself, you founded the John J. Hanex Memorial Scholarship, in honor of your father, which will contribute to the education of young musicians for years to come.

Taylor for all your work and dedication over the years, demonstrated by your positions around the University, and for all that you have contributed, we are honored to confer upon you the Johns Hopkins University Heritage Award.