Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association Heritage Award (2016)

Society of Peabody Alumni

Citation for the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association Heritage Award

Presented to

Mark J. Paris

June 10, 2016

The Heritage Award honors alumni and friends of Johns Hopkins who have contributed outstanding service to the progress of the University.

Mark, you came to Peabody in 1981 to study voice and received your bachelor’s degree in 1984. Like many of our students and alumni, you have talent in more than one area, and interests that span many career paths.

Following your degree in voice you went to Harvard and got a Master of public policy degree. From there, finance became the focus of your career. After many years working for Citi, you are now a venture partner at where you focus on ideas and technologies that may address key issues such as global warming, citizen engagement, and institutional transparency.

You have always placed a high value on both education and music, and we are grateful that you have chosen Peabody as a place to support those ideals.

You joined the Peabody National Advisory Council, referred to as the PNAC, in 2010, became Vice Chair almost immediately, and then became Chair in 2012.

While Vice Chair, you led a task force to examine the role of the PNAC.  This work had a major impact in revitalizing the council and its membership.

The University started a campaign during your tenure, and you took on the further responsibilities of being one of the campaign’s co-chairs, including making a lead gift yourself.

These years have been a challenging time of leadership transition at Peabody. Throughout it, you have been a thoughtful advisor and advocate, and you were instrumental in the hiring of the new Dean.

Your efforts have truly re-energized the PNAC, and helped to bring Peabody to a new level of stature and security.

Mark, for all you have contributed, we are honored to confer upon you the Johns Hopkins University Heritage Award.