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Master of Music Audition Repertoire

Applicants must present a live audition. In the case of international students who cannot audition in person, a recorded audition (video) may be submitted for conditional acceptance. Acceptance into the M.M. program remains conditional until the student has played a successful live audition and passed written entrance examinations in September. The criteria for the validating audition and written tests administered in September are the same as for regular entrance auditions.

Applicants must be prepared to perform from memory two works from the standard solo repertory, chosen from the following:

  1. Classical: one allegro movement from a sonata by Mozart, Beethoven, or Schubert.
  2. Romantic/20th century: one major solo work by a 19th or 20th-century composer.

In addition, applicants should prepare five selections from the list below, in the printed high (soprano) keys. A singer will be provided. Memorization is not required.

  1. Barber: The Daisies or St. Ita’s Vision
  2. Brahms:¬†Meine Liebe ist gr√ľn
  3. Schubert:¬†Liebesbotschaft¬†or¬†Fr√ľhlingstraum
  4. Strauss: Allerseelen or Ständchen
  5. Debussy: Green

All candidates will be asked to sight-read excerpts from the vocal literature.

Graduate Performance Diploma Audition Requirements

  1. Prepare one Mozart recitativo accompagnato and aria to be played and sung at the same time in the original language.

    For example:
    Dorabella’s recit¬†“Ah, scostati”¬†and aria¬†“Smanie implacabili”¬†from¬†Cos√¨ fan tutte
    Count’s recitative and aria¬†“Hai gia vinta la causa-Vedro mentr’io sospiro”¬†from¬†Le Nozze di Figaro
    Donna Elvira’s Recitative¬†“In quali eccessi”¬†and aria¬†“Mi trad√¨”¬†from¬†Don Giovanni

  2. Prepare one French OR German aria to be played and sung at the same time in the original language.

    The selections to be played and sung at the same time by the applicant will be judged on the applicant’s coordination ability,¬†not¬†on the vocal quality of the performer. Feel free to change octaves and sing in any comfortable range.

  3. Prepare the following:
    1. Schubert:¬†Ganymed¬†or¬†Fr√ľhlingstraum¬†or¬†Gretchan am Spinnrade¬†(high key)
    2. Debussy: Il pleure dans mons coeur or Green (Ariettes Oubliees, high key)
    3. Brahms:¬†Meine Liebe ist Gr√ľn¬†or¬†Von Ewiger Liebe¬†or¬†Botschaft¬†(high key)
    4. Barber:¬†St. Ita’s Vision¬†or¬†The Crucifixion¬†from The Hermit Songs (high key)

Other repertoire may be substituted for #3. A singer is provided, but you may also bring your own singer if substituting other repertoire. Please contact for substitution requests.